Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

New Milestone for Nathanael : Jumping OFF The Ground

Nathaneal’s New Milestone : Jumping off the Ground

Nate has always been able to mimic the “Jump” effect by bending his knees and straightening his knees, but never have we seen him actually “Lift Off” the ground! Today Praise God!! is another milestone in Nathanael’s life!

Today he started JUMPING!!! And even after the video, he just kept on Jumping, Jumping, Jumping!! Praise GOD!!

Nathanael eats a Steak!

Today, we witness another milestone for the boy! Nate is pretty “Chinese” when it comes to his meal (meaning, normally Rice + Meat, Vege, and the occasional curry).

Today he surprised us all, when he took a bite of Yeh Yeh’s Ribeye, and then he showed that he enjoyed it and carried on eating!!!

What a great new milestone, to enlarge his palate of food choices. Go Nate Go!

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