Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Lazy Eye……

Recently, we’ve had many curious & concern folks asking us …….aiyo what happened to Nate’s eye? Jatuh ka? Operation ah? Caring malaysian…. 🙂 So we decided to post it up on our blog…. 2 months ago we took Nathanael to the Opthalmologist and she told us that he has a lazy eye. So she asked […]

Nate talks alot

We never imagine these words coming out of our very mouth…”Nate be quiet…stop talking…hush hush” He has just been so talkative.

MRI Report is out!

We went for our usual physio therapy sessions today at HUKM. While Nate was on the threadmill under the supervision of our trusted & dedicated physio therapist Yoke Fong & our maid…I made a quick dash to the peads clinic just to check & see if Nate’s MRI Report is ready. I really went there […]

My Super Clean Teeth!

Mommie took me to the dentist recently as she was really concerned about my teeth. If U have seen my yellow teeth upclose….U would know why she was so concerned. Mommie hunted for a Pediatric Dentist (Pedodontic specialists) and finally found one in SS2. His name is Dr Low Teong….apparently he is a Datuk. Anyway […]

Visiting Baby Ryan

We visited the Liews today and baby Ryan is so so cute! He has this amazing tongue, which is super long and big for a one month old baby 🙂 Hmm… i wonder if he followed after his father or mom? Zoe Joy was having fun with Renee playing all over the house. While Nathanael […]

Kong Kong Admitted AGAIN!

    Kong Kong was warded into the hospital last week for about 4 days, God has preserved his life.  He had a mild stroke. As you know he is usually very healthy and thus it came as a shock to all of us—-including him.  If you ask him how he is he would tell you….” […]

Koko Nathanael Pushes Zoe Joy in Stroller

Hello eveyone, sorry it has been some time. And we have many of you been asking us why are there no new updates since the 16th Nov….sorry la we been really busy the past few weeks and time really flies by. Here is a quick update on Nathanael.  He really loves taking a walk to the park […]

Shopping with Nate & Zoe

We always have alot of fun shopping with both our children, They are a bundle of joy. Here is a recent photo taken and we want to share with it with you. They look so adorable. We have to keep Zoe in the trolley or else she would just wander off! And that was exactly […]

On this very day 2 years ago Part II

Hello faithful readers of our little blog on our little children. This is part II to our previous entry “On this very day Part I”  As you can see we have seen tons of progress in Nate’s life eversince we started on this diet. We hear him beginning to say a word or two. And […]

Happy 4th Birthday Nathanael!

HAPPY BLESSED BIRTHDAY!! Nathanael our beloved son! We love you very much. Thank you all for your wishes,gifts & most of all your presence & prayers for him. Nate is indeed a living miracle! Praise God! Lord, we thank you for Nathanael & all the miraculous things you are doing in his life & through […]