Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Nate’s Vocab

That was a test posting. Glad it works. WordPress 2.2 iPhone version. Cool!! Anyways we’d like to share with a list of words that has been flooding our ears eversince Nate took his first steps in April last year. They are listed in no particular order. Teacher Car Ball Black Purple White Pink Yellow Colours […]

Food Critic says it all

This is a really cute video taken of Nathanael right after his meal. See his energy and babbling abilities as he tells you what he thinks about the food he just ate! Absolutely CUTE! Enjoy!! Watch the Video below, or click here        

Hear Nathanael Talk / Babbles

This is an amazing milestone for Nathanael. We are all anxiously waiting for Nathanael to speak and to converse. Well in a baby little way, his babbling is part of his communication method in talking and conversing with us. Check out this short video of Nathanael minutes before he drinks his milk. Mommie holds his […]

Listen to Nathanael as he Babbles … :)

One of the other great improvement for Nathanael is his speech development! He is using more syllables each day, and we are extremely sure he will pop out his first word pretty soon!! Watch this cute video of Nathanael as he begins to communicate in his “baby babbling language” and gets our attention with his […]

A new Milestone – Nathanael’s Babbling is more Audible

We are extremely delighted to hear Nathanael attempting to talk! This is definitely a BIG milestone on his next step in learning to speak. A M A Z I N G ! ! ! ! Praise God! Mommie encourages him by copying him in his talking. Its really amazing and we Thank God for this […]