Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


I like to move it–move it!!

Glory hallelujah!! Let’s shout His Fame!! Praise His name!! Nate can swim on his own!! I mean he can move his legs & kick & kick. He can also manuever himself to go after balls & play with toys in the hydro pool at HUKM. We’re so happy & thankful simply because up and until […]

Nate’s Hot Favourites Songs!

Eveyday Nathanael has been listening to his favourite music selections with his headphones, He loves music. Currently these are some of his favourites. 1. Ants In The Apple – It helps him to learn the correct sounds for each letter of the alphabet and give him a head start at school! The easiest way for […]

Nate walks steadily…

To our faithful readers–it’s been some time since we blogged. on Nate & his therapies. We’ve been absolutely busy la. Really want to thank GOD for the amount of progress that we have seen in Nathanael. The developments have been accelerated. So much that we can’t even keep up with the logging of his developments. […]

Lots of Stimulation at Bridges School

Harro harro harro…. is anyone there? OOoooooh …. help me!! Hey !! I’m Nathanael .. and i’m having fun in this pool of balls!! Yups .. its another fun day at Bridges EIP SchooL! 🙂 Teacher Dolly is also with me … 🙂 Check out my new Bridges Tee!! Howdy Folks!! Teacher Dolly teach me […]

Nathanael Sitting on a Swing!

Another thing we want to share is that Nathanael can sit on a swing! This is excellent stimulation! Vestibular Stimulation! We again want thank our Lord Jesus for touching Nathanael. YES!! We were so happy simply because Nathanael was not able to do that before! See he is even using his hands to hang on […]

Nathanael and the Plastic Bag

This is so so so unique. We see Nathanael’s development changing every other day. The latest change was when Auntie Emily started straightening out an Isetan Plastic Bag. You know how a Plastic Bag would Krinkle and Krank each time you touch or move it. Surprisingly the sound of that Krinkling stimulated Nathanael, and that […]