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Nathanael @ HUKM for IV Methylprednisolone

Nathanael is admited to HUKM from 30 March – 1 April. He will be undergoing the IV Methylprednisolone (Steroid) procedure. We are hoping that this will help stop Nathanael’s seizures. Both of Nathanael legs (toes rather) have been used. The right toe is where the intravaneous Methylprednisolone is done and the left toe is where […]

Nathanael’s Methylprednisolone procedure @ HUKM

Dear Family & Friends We just returned from our follow up visit with Prof Ong (Peads Neurologist) in HUKM today (29 Mar). She has strongly advised us to start Nathanael on the IV Methylprednisolone (Steroids) ASAP. (her actual words – “aggressively start”) IV Methylprednisolone Possible Side Effectsa) Zero Immunityb) High Blood Pressurec) Glucose Urea Therefore […]

Nathanael’s Medical Condition

Nathanael’s Medical Condition Nathanael was diagnosed with “Infantile Spasm”. [ad#square] Nathanael Lee was born on 22 September 2004. He had a normal birth and was deemed healthy and normal. [at Damansara Specialist Centre] On his third day of life, he was admitted back into hospital due to jaundice, whilst under observation, our pediatrician (Datin Dr Vasantha) […]