Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Sep 2011 Milestone : Nathanael Stands Up on his Own

  This is another Amazing Milestone for Nathanael Lee. Last Weekend Tiff & I shared this testimony that Nathanael started learning to STAND UP on his own from a sitting position on the floor without any assistance. Today Tiff managed to capture a Video of him standing up!! PRAISE GOD!! We celebrate Nathanael’s new milestones […]

Nate making wonderful progress

I think accelerated development is the word that best describes it. Everynight we pray that the Lord will just touch Nate & accelerate his growth & developments. We thank God for all the good stuff that has been taking place in our lives. Nathanael is walking steadily now. We make him walk for longer periods now. […]

Photos & Video of Nathanael Standing

  Tonite whilst Nathanael was standing up in the hall, we managed to capture some photos of him standing on his own. As usual Zoe Joy will always wanna play her part as the “nosy-little-sister” and come pose along next to Nathanael as we clicked away.

Worlds Apart…

Was just going through some photos on the computer when i came across this:- And I thought I’d share this with all of U:- Look at the difference between the shoes… first we were thinking of getting Nathanael the one that is made in China from the Shanghai Shoe Company……that only cost RM130 I think […]

My One OVER Thousand Ringgit Shoes

These are the most expensive pair of shoes that we have ever purchased for anyone in the family. Well, just to clear the air, we didn’t get a Prada or Gucci or Camper for Nathanael (wish we could), but we can’t afford designer shoes for Nathanael. We actually bought Nathanael his first custom made, fitted orthotic shoes […]

What is a Podiatry?

What is a Podiatry? A) A Pet B) A European Dessert C) An Exercise Machine D) A type of Doctor What do you think a Podiatry is? Would we give it away, if we said Nathanael had to see one! 🙂

Nathanael Standing on the Swing

Nathanael’s been exercising daily on his swing. Apart from sitting down and going round and round, moving sideaways and up and down …. is that he is made to stand to hold on to the ropes whilst moving him gently on the swing. This will help him to improve his overall balance when he stands […]

Nathanael’s Balancing Board

Nathanael was pretty blessed during Christmas (we’ve not blogged about the kids’ Christmas yet) .. and Nathanael was blessed from 5Ku Por & 6 Ku Por with a Balancing Board. As part of Nathanael’s therapy and daily exercise to stand, we’ve added a one step up, to aid Nathanael to balance when he stands. Nathanael […]

My Therapy is to Stand Up Straight!!

When i go weekly to HUKM, one of my weekly exercises is to work on my “standing”. Check it out See I am holding myself and supporting myself as i Stand up in HUKM.In HUKM the therapy centre has cool equipments that can adjust to my height. 🙂 How’s this for a Side Profile Shot? […]

I Can Reach the Bed now …

Baby Zoe is growing up and growing tall really fast. She’s learning to stand up longer and loves to stand. Here is a couple of pictures where she pulled herself to stand up by our bed. See … i am pulling myself up And i can reach the top part of daddie & mommie’s bed […]