Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Sri Kelana School’s Music Therapy

Check out Nathanael in School during his class on Music Therapy! Its class / group session, so everyone has to participate and move around with the music.

Waktu Rehat in Sri Kelana

Its Recess Time in Sri Kelana School! And Nathanael is walking to the Canteen to Makan! 🙂 Nate’s recess time is really early at 930am! 🙂

Day 2 : Nathanael in School

Its DAY 2 of School and Nathanael is doing well. He’s adapting to Sri Kelana well. Mommie who accompanies Nathanael to school daily (and also waits at the school canteen for his break time), is also snapping shots throughout the day.

Nathanael’s First Day at Sri Kelana School

Nathanael started his first day of school at Sri Kelana today. It was all excitement at home cos Nathanael starts school at 730am! Everyone was up early, rushing around to prepare for his school, and of course for Zoe Joy’s school too at Qdees.

Nathanael’s first day at Mrs Teoh (Subang)

See how naughty Nathanael is for his first day with Ms Teoh. [ad#dnt]

Nathanael’s Bridges School Year End Party 2010

Nathanael had a great time at his school’s Year End Party. Nathanael has been attending Bridges Early Intervention Program (EIP) School since he was just over 5 months old (See a photo back in 2006). He has gained much from Bridges and  we are grateful to all the teachers, helpers and volunteers of Bridges EIP. […]

Zoe Joy’s Qdees School Concert Dance & Performance 2009

   The 2009 Year End School Graduation and Performance was on 25 October 2009 at the Sri KDU hall. Folks! We had a great & awesome time at Qdees Mutiara Damansara Concert. Well actually the kids all of them were great entertainers la. They all looked so cute & you should have seen the way […]

Nate making wonderful progress

I think accelerated development is the word that best describes it. Everynight we pray that the Lord will just touch Nate & accelerate his growth & developments. We thank God for all the good stuff that has been taking place in our lives. Nathanael is walking steadily now. We make him walk for longer periods now. […]

Nathanael’s 2008 Year End Party at Bridges EIP School

First and foremost our BIG Thank You to Teacher Dolly and all the school teachers & volunteers who have have help in Nathanael’s continuous development. Thank you for your love & amazing sacrifice that all of you pour out to Nathanael and all the kids at school.  We had a fun time at the Bridges EIP YEAR END PARTY […]

Nathanael Matching Colors at Bridges School

We are so proud of Nathanael when he started matching different colors objects this week at Bridges EIP school. Watch the two videos below as Teacher Dolly teaches Nathanael to diffentiate the colors of Blue & Yellow, and to put them in the right placement. Go Nathanael Go! 🙂 Video 1 : Nathanael with Color […]