Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Zoe Joy with Ku Kong and Kim Po

Grand Visit from Grand Uncle & Aunty Here we have Ku Kong and Kim Po who came all the way from Kota Bahru for a visit. This is my Solemm Face. 🙂 Ha ha ha …. that was a great Joke! heheh … yes when I’m happy I can really laugh! 🙂 [tags : darentiff […]

Nathanael & Zoe with the Khoo Family

Nathanael & Zoe with the Khoo Family Aunty Emily and Nathanael …. 🙂 Aunty Emily is making a funny face for Nathanael to laugh at .. 🙂 Uncle Douglas and Nathanael. Uncle Douglas just flew back from Hong Kon for a visit … yay! Zoe Joy and Aunty Michelle. Ain’t we pretty huh? Uncle Mark […]

Dinner Gathering with Uncle Stephen & Aunty Betty

The Lee Clan came together recently for a yummy dinner before Uncle Stephen & Aunty Betty returned back to Hawaii. Here’s a couple of pics … Tommy, Ashely and Nathanael posing together. Tommy & Ashely are Steve & Maxine’s kids. And yes Tommy is a “pang yan” of his father! 🙂 Aunty Betty with Nathanael. […]

Uncle Remin & Aunty Joy Visit

Uncle Remin and Aunty Joy visited us from Singapore Reported by Zoe Joy Like all other Malaysians we brought our uncle and aunty out to MAKAN. As you can see Uncle Remin is carrying me I am exuberating Joy and Uncle Remin is very happy 🙂 This is Double Joy … cos its Aunty Joy […]

Uncle Stephen & Aunty Betty’s Visit from Hawaii

YAY!!! Uncle Stephen & Aunty Betty visited from Hawaii!! They came over to visit Nathanael and Zoe Joy yesterday. Unfortunately Nathanael was tired out after his therapy sessions at HUKM and was resting. Here’s a photo of Uncle Stephen, Aunty Betty and Zoe Joy Aunty Betty smiling and talking to Zoe Joy Thank you Unlce […]

Aunty Pauline and Zoe Joy

Today at Church was Zoe Joy’s first time with Aunty Pauline. Aunty Pauline could not make it for the Full Moon, so Easter Sunday turned out to be a great day to meet up with Aunty Pauline. Aunty Pauline and Zoe Joy Lee. 🙂 [tags : darentiff zoejoy baby ]

Nathanael Sitting on the Edge

See How High I’m Sitting But no worries, I’m not alone. This is where 5 Ku Por (Aunty Jenny) will bring me to when i “man – chang” (throw my tantrums). I love the garden and the outside part of the house. So this is where 5 Ku Por brings me too each time she […]

4 Yee’s Visit from Singapore

We had a wonderful surprise visit from Singapore. 4 Yee Por came up for 3 days 4 Yee Por and Zoe Joy For the Album : 4 Yee Por, Zoe Joy, Ko Ko Nathanael, Emily Piu Yee, Ben, Eunice and Po Po Mommie and Nathanael with 4 Yee Por and Zoe Joy 4 Yee came […]

Tiffany’s Confinement Food

Talk about Yummmmmy-ness Who said Confinement food was only all about Ginger? I’ve been showered with great treats from my aunties. They have been taking good care of me! Each day they bring food, support and help. 🙂 Thank you so much. Isn’t my Breakfast yummy? Bacon & Eggs & Tomato with a glass of […]

Yeh Yeh’s Birthday yesterday

Its was Yeh Yeh’s Birthday yesterday Happy Birthday to Yeh Yeh ….. Happy Birthday to uuuu ………… I had to sing it Loud 🙂 hehehe See how I manja Yeh Yeh …. Poor mommie and Zoe Joy could not come cos they are still confined at home for the first month. So i had to […]