Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Zoe Joy Reading

Here’s a video of Zoe Joy learning to Read! [ad#dnt]

At 15months…Zoe Joy’s hobby

Zoe Joy is such a bundle of joy;we really thank God for her…at 15 months she surely has a mind of her own. There are many things she seems to enjoy among the many she likes are walking around with a pencil & paper, sitting down flipping through a book and taking photos. She loves […]

Devotion & Prayer with the Kids

One of the FUNNEST times we have as a family is just right before bed time. That’s when we would play with the kids on the bed, tickle them … laugh with them and just enjoy the merriment of being together as family. We would then spend some time to read their Kid’s Bible and […]