Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Good News!!!

Met Dr Choy at SJMC yesterday late afternoon. He is very happy with the progress he sees in Nathanael. We showed him the EEG report and that it recommended that we have another MRI done. He read the report & said no need la to repeat. Even if U had another one done what are […]

Wait 2 weeks…

We finished the EEG today & it went smoothly. We had to keep Nathanael awake last night till 3am and woke him up again at 7.30am….cruel huh!! 🙂 He had only 4 hours of sleep. All this is due to the fact hat he had to sleep during the test ths morning. Thank you all […]

Mommie & Nathanel are not well … pls PRAY

It all started with Zoe Joy yesterday. We dont know why but she vomited twice yesterday. And her bowels also let go ONE big time yesterday. Poor girl!! But she’s much better today. 🙂 Then this evening, Nathanael just vomited four times within an hour. Since he’s on the Ketogenic Diet and has water rationing, […]

Nathanael is HOT!! (as in Fever!)

Please pray along for Nathanael. Last nite all of a sudden, his body felt warm, when we used the thermometer to scan his temperature, it showed 37.5 degrees Celcius. He didn’t even finish his fav Milk last nite, he only drank 1/2 a bottle….. yes big indication that Nathanael is not feeling well. He was […]

Fits Diary – October Update! Praise GOD for the good news!

God is so good! Its amazing and termendous change, after tracking countless number of seizures that Nathanael had experienced since February 2005, and on his 16th day of the Ketogenic Diet, we stopped seeing any physical seizures in Nathanael. Its really All Glory To God for that amazing change in Nathanael’s life. If we were […]

Nathanael’s Fits Diary – September Update

Here are some updates to Nathanael’s seizures / fits. We have just added the September & October graphs below (its also updated in the main Fits Diary page) We are glad to share with all of you that Nathanael’s seizures or fits have decreased. In the month of May, June & July – Nathanael averaged […]

Nathanael’s Five Days of Fever

Poor Nathanael. After coming out of HKL for the Ketogenic Diet. On the final night in HKL, his body felt warm. When we reported it to the doctors the next day, they said he most probably caught an infection, and gave us some paracetamol. Unfortunately, the fever persisted despite us giving him Paracetamol every 4 […]

Nathanael’s Day 1 in Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Today is the First Day for Nathanael in Hospital Kuala Lumpur (most of us know it as General Hospital Kuala Lumpur, but their real name is HKL). We arrived at the Pediatric Section at 9.45am. This is the Wad KK5. And KK aint Kota Kinabalu. Its most probably Kanak Kanak 5. This will be Nathanael’s […]

Nathanael’s Fits Diary – August Update

We’ve just tabulated Nathanael’s seizures/fits for August and have uploaded his graph/stats on to his Fits Diary page. His seizures seems to be maintaing an average of 20 – 30 a day at this moment. Continue to pray that his seizures will reduce and stop. Take a look at the page to see trends. We’ve […]

Nathanael Prayer Bookmarks

We would like to thank all of you for your gracious love, care and prayers for Nathanael. We thank you for the countless prayers that has been said, proclaimed, pettitioned, interceded for Nathanael’s well being. We continue to ask your help to keep Praying for Nathanael. We have developed a Prayer Bookmark for Nathanael and […]