Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


RAYA Day with the Tang Family

Sorry this is a delayed post…I know some have been waiting for us to post this entry up since a few weeks back! hehehehehhe anyway— It was a gorgeous sunny day as we head out to Kiara Park at TTDI. It had been raining the entire week leading up to the raya holidays. Everyone was […]

Nate & Zoe at the Beach

Not too long ago……the gang went to the beach. One BIG gang of us went. Daddie was away on a company trip so he couldn’t join us. So we took a day trip, we started out early as we wanted to catch the high tide. Po Po needed a dip in the salt water–Kong Kong also went but stayed away […]

Nathanael Playing Outdoors at Bridges School

We have seen great improvement in Nathanael’s motor skills over the past few weeks. We are really glad to see Nathaanel participating with the Outdoor Activities organized at Bridges EIP School. Last Tuesday .. all the kids got to go out of the classroom to the field & basketball court area of the school . There […]

Nathanael on the Swing

Nathanael is slowly getting better, thank you for your prayers. His appetite for food is still not good, as in he doesn’t want to eat his bread and rice, so he’s still on his RCF milk, which the doctor have asked us to increase the dosage twice to ensure that there’s enough nutrients getting into […]

Nathanael using Hands to Play with Cable

This is new milestone for Nathanael. Tiff managed to catch the entire epsiode on video. Nathanael was sitting next to our coffee table and he picked up a cable (reading light cable), which happened to be lying next to the cable. Nathanael has recently learnt to pick things up (ie our handphones, things he likes). […]

Nathanael’s Ride on the SLIDE

We took Nathanael for a Ride on The Slide yesterday at our Condo. Eh .. daddie i thot you promised me to go swimming wan? You dressed me up in my swimming get up and end up putting me on this Slide Machine!! Come on … Come on …. let’s jump in the POOOL! 🙂 […]

Nathanael Pressing the Right Buttons

Nathanael playing with his VTECH toy. Its a musical and light up toy that helps stimulate a child, by coaxing to press the colors or numbers on the toy. Check out Nathanael learning to press the right buttons! Hmmm…. which button do i press again? [tags : darentiff nathanael ketones epilepsy seizures diet ketogenic diet]