Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Nate & Zoe at the Beach

Not too long ago……the gang went to the beach. One BIG gang of us went. Daddie was away on a company trip so he couldn’t join us. So we took a day trip, we started out early as we wanted to catch the high tide. Po Po needed a dip in the salt water–Kong Kong also went but stayed away […]

Nathanael’s Showering Technique

This is Mommie and Nathanael doing the Showering technique. Nathanael is just so so so tickled by mommie and what she is doing with him. Watch the video and laugh along. Enjoy the video below, or click here [tags : darentiff nathanael ]

Nathanael and the Plastic Bag

This is so so so unique. We see Nathanael’s development changing every other day. The latest change was when Auntie Emily started straightening out an Isetan Plastic Bag. You know how a Plastic Bag would Krinkle and Krank each time you touch or move it. Surprisingly the sound of that Krinkling stimulated Nathanael, and that […]

Nathanael Kneeling & Laughing

One of Nathanael’s therapy sessions at home is to learn to put weight on his knees. In the photos and videos below you will see that he is learning to kneel on his own. Which is a good progress. In the first video below you will see that Nathanael is so cute. He was laughing […]

Happy Pics of Nathanael

Aiyoh …. see how Happy Nathanael is….. His grin and laugh are just so so so cute. Whoooops … a naked picture of Nathanael … Good thing covered by the Bath!! 🙂 [tags : darentiff nathanael ketones epilepsy seizures diet ketogenic diet]

Joyful Nathanael

Nathanael is filled with so much Joy. Here are some pictures and a video of Nathanael taken last night where he was just laughing and enjoying himself. Watch the video below. Watch the Video below, or Click HERE to view it online See how hearty Nathanael’s laugh is, and how we help stimulate him to […]

Watch Nathanael Laughs at Himself

This is an encouraging sight, as it shows how Nathanael is intrigued by what he sees.(strangely, this is the only phone video that he is interested in!! hmmmm) This short video shows Nathanael watching himself on Tiff’s phone video, and he is laughing at himself in the phone video. He he he Watch the Video […]

Where are U ticklish? Here? …. tickle …… tickle

Its another great step forward for Nathanael when we tickle him and he laughs and laughs. Previously we would tickle him, and that would not bring about a respond. Only recently when we tickle his feet, he will feel the tickling and bring up his feet and even sometimes complaining by whining … (and our […]

Nathanel Laughing & Making Kuih Raya

This is a cute video post taken of Nathanael yesterday. We caught him in his Laughing mood, and Tiff was stirring him on to laugh even further.One of the cute things that he likes to do nowadays is to rub both his hands real fast – which we are declaring as Making Kuih Raya! 🙂 […]

Nathanael’s Laughing …. ha ha ha ha

This is one of the latest amazing development in Nathanael. His laughter, which it just started one day – has him laughing with total Joy and in an extreme happy state of mind. Nathanael is one Happy Boy! You can also hear Tiff stimulating him, by imitating him during his laughter. This video caught Nathanael’s […]