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How the Ketogenic Diet has cured infantile and juvenile epilepsy

Nathanael was born to Daren Lee and Tiffany Tang on 22 September 2004. He was their firstborn and the first grandchild in both Daren and Tiffany’s families. At 4 months old, his parents began to notice he was not responding appropriately. At their usual periodic check-up, the paediatrician recommended them to get him seen by […]

Good News!!!

Met Dr Choy at SJMC yesterday late afternoon. He is very happy with the progress he sees in Nathanael. We showed him the EEG report and that it recommended that we have another MRI done. He read the report & said no need la to repeat. Even if U had another one done what are […]

Pray for Nathanael– EEG Today 4.08.08

If U read this post before 10am (msian time) Monday 4th August 2008 please remember Nathanael in prayers. We are taking him to HUKM for a EEG assessment at 8.30am. What is EEG? Well it is an electroencephalogram (EEG). This test that measures and records the electrical activity of your brain. Special sensors (electrodes) are […]

FAQ:- How long more does Nate need to be on the Ketogenic Diet?

Come September 2008, Nathanael would have been on this special Ketogenic diet for 2 years. We can’t wait for the diet to come to an end, however we can’t just take him off the diet suddenly it will take 6 months to wean him off the high fat diet that he consumes everyday fo the […]

Muscle Man Nathanael

Hehe … check out my bod! Strong, muscular and healthy!! 🙂 Really thank GOD despite being on the Ketogenic Diet for a year … i did not lose weight nor gain termendous amount of weight (esp with the four portion ratio of fats in all my foods!) [tags : darentiff nathanael zoejoy ]

Nathanael’s Ketogenic Diet Half Way Mark!

PRAISE GOD! 1st year diet done! YAY!! 365 Days have come & gone! The year has flown by so quickly. Nathanael has been seizure free for the past 11 months! We just want to thank our Lord Jesus for the miracle work He has done in Nathanael’s life. It is a miracle that Nathanael adapted […]

Good News! Weaning off Medication

Good News! Great News! No more medicine! YAY! Both of Nathanael’s doctors (Prof Ong & Dr Choy) has now recommended that we begin weaning off Nathanael’s medication. Currently he is on Epilim 200mg BD and a Co-Factor called Carnitine.The entire process will take 3-4months. This is a crucial step we are taking. It’s a BIG […]

Nathanael is HOT!! (as in Fever!)

Please pray along for Nathanael. Last nite all of a sudden, his body felt warm, when we used the thermometer to scan his temperature, it showed 37.5 degrees Celcius. He didn’t even finish his fav Milk last nite, he only drank 1/2 a bottle….. yes big indication that Nathanael is not feeling well. He was […]

Nathanael’s 200th Day on Ketogenic Diet

Amazing … 200 days have come and gone and Nathanael is doing well on his Ketogenic Diet. In fact Nathanael looks forward to his meal periods and thru his Meal periods he actually is motivated to “work” to get his food. Initially (September 2006) when we started on the Ketogenic Diet we were apprehensive. Afterall […]

Nathanael is Seizure Free

Awesome News! Praise GOD !!! We were so glad today when we got the news from HUKM, after intepreting the EEG report, they declared that Nathanael is Seizure FREE!! Praise GOD!! Thank You JESUS!! For those of you who are reading this for the first time, you will need to read about his Medical Condition […]