Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Zoe Joy turns FIVE years old today!

Zoe turns 5 years old on 27 February 2012! She’s now  a big girl and we had her Birthday Celebration together with Leon at Sunway Resort. We had lots of fun, ate a lot, and was treated to some wonderful illusions with Victor (Hotel Illusionist).

Blessed Christmas to ALL!!!

We wish you a Blessed Christmas! May your days be Merry and Bright! May God shine His light down on all that you do and bring Blessings and Favor in every aspect of your life. We celebrate Jesus Birthday on Christmas Day. He is the ultimate Gift that GOD gave us .. LIFE! Life through […]

Trip to Singapore & Universal Studios Singapore

We had a fabulous time in Singapore last week! It was a blast to travel with friends and to enjoy Univeral Studios Singapore together-gether! It was a trip filled with fun, laughter and great memories. Here are some of the photos captured and a Video of 3 Dancing Queens! Watch Rene, Caitlin & Zoe dance […]

CNY Dinner with Kum Po and Family

  After a yummylicious lunch this afternoon, dinner was another eating affair! It was course after course of non-stop good, yummy, Chinese Food! LOVE IT! Tonite’s dinner was with Kum Po, Kan Family, Danker Family and Popo, Lim Family and our family. It was a lovely celebration …

Happy Birthday February Babies!

  We had a fabulous bash this afternoon! We went out to celebrate Mom’s Birthday together with all the aunts & uncles whose Birthdays falls in February! Coincidently, Zoe Joy’s birthday is also in February as well. So we had a yummylicious lunch together and went back to mom & dad’s house to cut the […]

Our Chinese New Year 2010 Celebrations

  We had a fabulous time this year celebrating Chinese New Year with family and friends. Needless to say, we had heaps of food! Food that we could not get enough of, and food that we just didn’t want to eat anymore later! Time with family is always best, its the “yit-lau” feeling and atmosphere, […]

RAYA Day with the Tang Family

Sorry this is a delayed post…I know some have been waiting for us to post this entry up since a few weeks back! hehehehehhe anyway— It was a gorgeous sunny day as we head out to Kiara Park at TTDI. It had been raining the entire week leading up to the raya holidays. Everyone was […]

My Largest Burger EVER!!

  We were having dins dins with the PUs tonite, and whilst walking along the lower ground floor of One Utama, we stumbled on this rather interesting F&B outlet called New York New York. We strolled over to the menu to check out the selections and the pricing. My mouth started drooling when i saw […]

Zoe & Tummy Episode

PLs pray for little Zoe. She woke up at 6am today & felt really uneasy….she kept calling Mummy mummy & fell asleep on me…after 5mins I felt a wet lump on my t-shirt & I got up immediately & rushed her to the toilet & she threw up all her food. It splattered all over […]

Chinese New Year 2009 Celebrations Part Two

We’ve got a few more pictures added on today to our Part Deux of CNY 2009 pictures!! 🙂 You saw the sweet & sexy Zoe Joy in PartOne, now you’ll see the Hunky Dory Shirtless in Sunway Nathanael! 🙂 haha Hmm.. how did Chinese New Year turned into Sexy & Shirtless? Hmmm.. anyway… back to […]