Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Chinese New Year 2011 Photoblog

Wishing all our family and friends a Happy Chinese New Year for 2011! We compiled all our dinner gatherings, eating, and more eating and meeting up with uncles, aunties, cousins and relatives. CNY is always a joyous ocassion of catching up and learning new history of our own family. Its amazing! 🙂 We uploaded 40+ […]

Chinese New Year 2009 Celebrations Part Two

We’ve got a few more pictures added on today to our Part Deux of CNY 2009 pictures!! 🙂 You saw the sweet & sexy Zoe Joy in PartOne, now you’ll see the Hunky Dory Shirtless in Sunway Nathanael! 🙂 haha Hmm.. how did Chinese New Year turned into Sexy & Shirtless? Hmmm.. anyway… back to […]

Chinese New Year 2009 Celebrations Part One

Chinese New Year 2009 had lots of Makan, Lots of Visitations, and lots more Makan!! 🙂 What else is new? Oh yeah.. we had lots of Makan! 🙂 Check out our Chinese New Year photos below … 50 pics below.. and this is only Part One!

CNY Day 4

Yes we are allowed to post more CNY pictures even on Day 4, cos we celebrate Chinese New Year for 15 Days… yes yes… Fifteen long days! 🙂 Here are more photos of Nathanael & Zoe Joy and the family Nathanael & Zoe Joy with Yeh Yeh & Ma Ma Don’t you just love the […]

Chinese New Year Day 2

We have a few more pics as Nathanael & Zoe Joy received more “blessings” in the form of Ang Pows from Uncles & Aunties!! And we got some really special photos taken as well!! Chinese New Year – Day 2 Nathanael with Tua Kim Nathanael with 3 Yee Por Nathanael with Uncle Chong Nathanael & […]

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2008

Its Zoe Joy’s first Chinese New Year celebration (sort of, cos she was borned during the 14-days celebration of CNY last year), so technically its her first! 🙂 And this is Nathanael’s 4th CNY celebration together with the family! This is the best time to come together as a family and to EAT! Yups its […]

Nathanael’s Year End Bridges School Partee

School’s Closed! Its Holiday Time!! Big celebration all over Malaysia as all schools closed for 1 1/2 months. Likewise the Bridges Early Intervention Programme School will also be closed during the school hols! Nathanael had a Year End School Partee last Saturday at Bridges! We’ve got some photos and videos to share with you!! Bridges […]

Nathanael & Zoe Joy’s Contribution for the Social Concerned

We all did our part for the Social Concern today! We participated in the Jogathon / Fun Fair that was organized by our church at Jalan Barat Field (A&Ws ~ next to Amcorp Mall). The youth and young adults were in charge of the game stalls and redemption booths and the gigantic inflatables. Thankfully it […]

At Darren & Chi Yen’s Wedding

It was a lovely wedding ceremony at GT Jalan Gasing Followed by a Wedding Dinner at Cyber View Lodge at Cyber Jaya Wesley was the Ring Bearer for Darren & Chi Yen And he was really dressed up well. Nathanael & Wesley standing in a Pose Wesley & Nathanael shaking hands .. .. 🙂 Nathanael […]

Father’s Day Celebration Unveiled

Isn’t Father’s Day on 17 June? Yups … sorrie to all, this Father was a bit bz with other things, and have not updated it till now!! So now we “hoi cheong” Father’s Day Celebration at Maju Palace The MEN (Grandfathers / Fathers / Sons) posing together-gether on Father’s Day Lunch! We had some yummylicious […]