Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


This is really “Like Father Like Son”

I must confess : I did not teach Nathanael to watch TV this way I did not teach him how to relax and enjoy this way I did not teach him these things .. but yet Nathanael did it . . .   What can i say … LIKE FATHER LIKE SON ….. 🙂

We think our Kids are the Cutest!

We took some fab shots of Nathanael and Zoe Joy recently, they were standing and posing in various poses. Grabbed a few of them together and few single shots. We just find them absolutely adorable! Check out their cute photos!

Children are absolutely the CUTEST!!!

Children are just so so so so cute! We were having dinner with the Pus tonite, and we just got trigger happy with the Canon 500D and starting snapping away at the kids. We got many really cute cute shots … check them out below

Nate making wonderful progress

I think accelerated development is the word that best describes it. Everynight we pray that the Lord will just touch Nate & accelerate his growth & developments. We thank God for all the good stuff that has been taking place in our lives. Nathanael is walking steadily now. We make him walk for longer periods now. […]

Cutie Zoe

More Cute pictures of Zoe Joy. This was taken by Daniel Liew last Sunday at church. Zoe was playing with a helium filled ballon (her fav toy … and she calls all rounded objects .. BALLS … so even a Balloon to her is a ball! ) with Renee just outside church. Daniel as usual […]

Sweet Siblings

Nathanael absolutely adores his baby sister Zoe. He has such a sweet expression on his face everytime the sister wraps her arms around him…..aiyoh!!! Melts your heart la. Right after the hug….his face beams with delight. What a sight! We really can tell that he loves his sister.  Show him a picture of her & he’ll smile from […]

At 15months…Zoe Joy’s hobby

Zoe Joy is such a bundle of joy;we really thank God for her…at 15 months she surely has a mind of her own. There are many things she seems to enjoy among the many she likes are walking around with a pencil & paper, sitting down flipping through a book and taking photos. She loves […]

Cute Video of Zoe Joy

Eat your heart out supermodels, i think Zoe Joy is totally the Cutest of them all! 🙂 Check out her baju as she sits in the room with this rather cute sleeveless overall and a bandana on her head! Aiyoh .. comel-nya! 🙂 We’ve got a video of her in this getup walking down the […]

Nathanael the Musician!

OLD MAC DONALD HAD A FARM…………… E-I E-I O…. At Bridges aside from language learning,physio,occupational work we also have a music time, We have a band too And so may we present to U………DRUM roll please ……….. Nathanael Lee on the guitar! Hahahhaaha! YES! And Doesn’t he look like Daddie playing the guitar in church. Teacher […]

Nathanael & Zoe Joy at Ikea’s Sale

The shots below are so cute and funny! The kids were recently at Ikea at their Sale corner. You know where “AS IS” is? AS IS is where they put their furniture that was previously on display and they sell it as it is, thus “As Is”. Anyway, there was a Lazy Boy Chair which […]