Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Guess what is Nate & Zoe’s fav fruit and food?

DURIANS for Zoe!!! Indian Curry Rice for Nathanael!  Who would have thought they would love and enjoy these diverse fruits & food  so much?

I am sure its inherited from their mommie!! )

I can go without Durians for a month, 5 months or 10 months, doesn’t really matter. But i think Mommie has now introduced this killer fruit to the kids, and they will be “hooked” to Durians for life!!

Likewise for the Indian curry rice.. no pork .. just rice and vege! 😉


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daren says:

Haha … yeah it sure looks like they are now Prince & Princess of DURIANS!! 🙂

Arthur Lee says:

One thing all Love the King of the Fruit (Durians) Must drink plenty of H2o and not forgetting some Salt-water.