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Nathanael’s 6 Glorious Years!

Nathanael turns 6 Today !

We wanna THANK GOD for the Miracles and Blessings in Nathanael’s life!

Nathanael’s journey has been amazing, and our God is indeed a miraculous God!

Nathanael was diagnosed with infantile spasm when he was only 5 months old. He had more than 60 clusters of seizures daily for the first two years of his life. The seizures seemingly caused injury to his occipital lobe leading to global development delay. He was cortically blind, hearing impaired and overall delay in his growth.

As a baby, he missed many milestones which were building blocks to a typical development. He could not even lift his head, let alone sit up, or roll over. They called him a floppy baby. He did not have the strength to hold on to his own milk bottle, there was minimal connection and he could not engage with us. After several hospital and doctor visits, we finally came to terms that we were not going to find out the root cause of Nathanael’s condition. We resolved in our hearts that to focus on stopping the seizures.

Nathanael gained popularity among the hospital staff and doctors as we visited the Hospitals frequently. He was put on a cocktail of medication. Six anti epileptic drugs were tried, tested, weaned off . . . . . month after month, years after year, in effort to control the seizures. All the investigation and tests like EEG, MRI, VEP, ECG and others led us to nothing.

He was Two Years old when we decided to try out the Ketogenic Diet. 4 Years have since passed, and we are thankful for all God has done. In just 16 Days of the diet …. his many many clusters of seizures, STOPPED! We were ecstatic! 3 Months later when we sent Nathanael for his EEG test, the results declared him Seizure FREE!

We want to thank God for FOUR Years of being seizure free. What an amazing miracle! We spoke with a Doctor from KL Hospital recently, and we were told that Nathanael Lee is the only successful patient  from the hospital who received the Ketogenic Diet treatment and have successfully completed the diet duration and been declared seizure free!

We saw God at work in Nathanael’s life. Literally achieving milestones after milestones. From hearing loss to normal hearing, from cortical blindness to normal vision, from a floppy state to a 80% muscle tone, from not being able to hold his head up to sitting, crawling, standing, walking and basically feeding himself! (See more Milestones) He’s a Walking Miracle!

Nathanael turns 6 today! And we want to Thank GOD for the miracles in Nathanael’s life!

We want to thank his grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends, pastors who have been standing together with the family. For your support, love and strength for all these SIX precious years, we thank you.

Thank you for being a part of Nathanael’s life, thank you investing, believing, praying and loving Nathanael! Do continue to pray with us as we believe God to complete His work in Nathanael’s life.

Greater Things Are Yet To Come!




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Julie says:

Hi. Came across your blog while I was doing searching for a support group for parents with children with metabolic disorder.

My 2nd baby, which is 6 months old now, is diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease and is getting treatment at HKL. She is also missing the many milestone of a normal baby. She is still floopy like how you described Nathanael. Not smilling except in her dreams once a while.

I see how amazing is our God in Nathanael’s life. We are also praying earnestly for my baby for the Almighty’s healing power to be demonstrated in her life.

God is good. Amen!

Wai Yee says:

Happy Birthday Nathanael!!! 🙂

Audrey Leow says:

Our dearest Nathanael,
Wishing you a blessed Birthday and we love you lots!!Looking forward to see you in Malaysia soon 😉

Love from Down Under,
M.A.C.C.I Leow

Sandi, Olivia & Joyce says:

Happy Birthday Nathanael!!

Thank you for being such a blessing for us.
Looking forward on hearing more miracles from you.

GOD bless you and your family abundantly.

The Es & KU POH says:




Daniel Liew says:

Nate-Nate, may you continue to be a living and walking testimony to many more to come as you have been to me. Amen.