Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Fun Day at Rumah Juara Charity Bazaar : 27 Nov 2009


It was a wonderful day, lovely weather, lots of kids, yummy food, fun games and from the look of it all, everyone had so much fun!

I love the whole atmosphere at the Charity Bazaar, everyone was just pitching in for a better cause. It was amazing. We had overwhelming response with people coming non-stop, and causing a huge traffic congestion on Jalan 13/4.  

The variety at this year’s bazaar was fantastic!

I managed to capture some shots below, but you also want to take a look at some other’s photos on Facebok.



Other Rumah Juara Charity Bazaar Photos

Jessica Lee 1 :

Jessica Lee 2 :   

Nick Tay :

Kim Meng :

Mine :

Charity Bazaar SET UP :



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