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My Second Thousand Dollars (Ringgit) Shoes …..


Daddie & Mommie would like to start a PayPal Donate Campaign for my shoes! 🙂

It has been 18 months since dad & mom bought me a pair of Schien Shoes! The first pair costed them over RM1,300! Yups and now in less than 2 years, i need to get my second pair! Ai yo yo!

Nathanael shopping .. should i get a GAP baju?

Nathanael shopping .. should i get a GAP baju?

The correction to my feet is good, as its helping to build an “arch” on my so called Flat Feet, and my walking has improved tremendously! Thank God for the strength in my muscles and the ability to walk on my own (for those who missed that episode, it started on Good Friday this year!)

I like Schien cos the people there are helpful and caring, they have been helping me on my progress, and to touch up my shoes when little fixes needs to be done.

Now i would need to sell my first pair of Schein Shoes, if you need one … do let my daddie or mommie know, k? Who wants to buy a second-hand Schein Shoe? Let me know quick!

Check out my new Leather Schien Shoes (the material is easier to clean) ….its black in color, more stylo-milo. And yes it was mom who chose it for me! 🙂 The cost of today’s shoes is RM950! Yups.. almost another thousand ringgit!






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daren says:

then u get your hubs to get one and then laundaryamah can pay for him lor 🙂 hehe

But honestly its good, go for a FREE scan, it may help correct Kit’s back problem (cos lots of back problem… start with our feet!)

laundryamah says:

my hubs should get these shoes for his flat feet too but he’s to kiamsiap!!