Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Fun in the Park – Walking & Playing in the Sun!


We had so much fun today with the kids in the Park.

It was warm & sunny, lots of clean air (finally … Thank God the haze seems to have gone), and it was a fun time together.

The walking is great exercise for Nathanael … for us … ๐Ÿ™‚ and the whole family benefits by taking a walk around the whole park. There was a bit of fun today when we walked to a small hill and wanted to take some photos with the kids.

We wanted Nathanael & Zoe Joy to stand together forย  a pose, but each time we let Nathanael’s hands go (cos we were uphill), he would start walking down the hill … going wooooh ……. woooooh ……. woooooooh


Hahahaha .. so cute lah! In the above pic you will see Zoe Joy standing and posing and waiting for ko ko to stand next to her, and then …. down the hill he goes, walking – walking – walking ….. ๐Ÿ™‚ hahahaa

You can see it “LIVE” in the video below or click here


After walking around half-way around the pond & fountain, we decided to walk up the slope to the suspension bridge.


We came across a tree that fell across the path …. i hope someone removes it soon. … cos if u are jogging, u now have to duck down underneath the tree and walk at the side of it. Hmmm…. anyway we continued and managed to get over to the suspension bridge …. and had a fun time walking thru it.

You can see some more photos below of the kids in the park!




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tiff says:

Amen Carol! How are things on your end? Why don;t you email me & we can share more?

Carol Leung from Hong Kong says:

YOu are my star!! My tears just can’t stop rushing out from my eyes. Isn’t it a miracle as 3 years ago some neurologist experts just said Nate would never walk, talk or even stand in the rest of his life. But what about now we can we see is a vivid picture that a smart healthy strong boy walking on the slope!!!

Amazing God and we really don’t need to worry about tomorrow. He has his own plan in us. Nate, you pushed me a lot and little James (my 3 year old son) will also work as hard as you do in his therapy!!

Michelle says:

I love that pic that Tiff with the kids..