Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Zoe & Tummy Episode

PLs pray for little Zoe. She woke up at 6am today & felt really uneasy….she kept calling Mummy mummy & fell asleep on me…after 5mins I felt a wet lump on my t-shirt & I got up immediately & rushed her to the toilet & she threw up all her food. It splattered all over the floor of the room. And this was the beginning of her tummy trouble.

We can’t quite decipher what caused it. We’re still guessing….Since than she has gone to the toilet like 10 times. Basically purging from both ends (top & bottom)

I had to stay with her in the toilet for an hour plus….we couldn’t get out at all. We tried a few times & it was ooooooooo I won’t begin to describe it. Spare U the details….I had to shower her 3times.

Pls keep her in prayers as we just got back from the doctors with plenty medication. She has no appetite at all. She is asleep now that’s why I can steal a few moments to blog about it. Daddie is away too in Spore.


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