Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Holiday at Genting Outdoor Theme Park


Leon, Linda, Zoe, Mommie, Popo, Nathanael (Entrance of Genting Theme Park)

Leon, Linda, Zoe, Mommie, Popo, Nathanael (Entrance of Genting Theme Park)

We took opportuniy of the recent Raya Holiday and took a day trip up to Genting with the kids, Popo, Leon, and Linda. It was a super fun trip!

Fun for me, cos i’ve not been to the Genting Theme Park since …… errr …. since a long long time ago. And i was really amazed at what they had to offer! 🙂 Wow … a real theme park with fun things to do with the family!

One of the first thing that caught my eye when i walked in was the Spinner! That’s where the Chairs are all supported by chains to the top, and it just spins round and round and sways as it spins, to give you a full swingy effect! We took it in the evening, and my only concern was … “would those chains hold me?” Guess it did, otherwise i would not be sitting here blogging about it 🙂

It was a real fun time in the PEAK for the kids. The first ride we all went on was The Carousel. Which is on the left side after entering into the Genting Theme Park. We brought the kids on to the Carousel and climbed the stairs to the top … both Nathanael & Zoe Joy were rather afraid in the beginning.. 🙂

After the Carousel, we took a super long 40 minutes wait to get on to the Monorail. Which was a rather pleasure ride, and also to sit down for a good 20 minutes .. 🙂 But at least u get to tour the park at a glance!

This is pretty much gonna be a Photo Blog, we uploaded about 20 pics, so enjoy the pictures below. Check out the video below where Kau Fu feeds Zoe Joy her porridge as daddie & mommie went wild on the Flying Chairs! 🙂 hahha… the Chair actually fits me super snugly. Can’t move once sitting in it!

Catch the Video of us in the Spinner “Flying Chairs”! Watch it below, or click here





Our Photos at Genting Outdoor Theme Park









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Tara says:

hi…could you tell me more about Genting? What are the prices of outdoor and indoor? thanks!

geline says:

wow!! tht flying chairs thing looks so super fun!!!!

i oso wanna go genting dy!! *grins* hehe.