Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Good News!!!

Met Dr Choy at SJMC yesterday late afternoon. He is very happy with the progress he sees in Nathanael. We showed him the EEG report and that it recommended that we have another MRI done. He read the report & said no need la to repeat. Even if U had another one done what are we going to do about it?  Unless you have alot of money to spare ok lor….if not I would rather U channel your funds to a speech pathlogist. Ya so he recommended that Nathanael see a Speech Therapist on  a weekly basis.

We are currently seeing one Speech Therapist in UKM. She is a very good & experienced lady however we only see her once a month & sometimes 2 month once. So that is our new task that we have to look into.

On the note of the Ketogenic Diet. Dr Choy called & spoke with Prof Ong Lai choo who is Nate’s Neurologist and both have agreed that we try weaning him off the diet.  YAY!!!!! Praise GOD from whom all blessings flow!

We were all  very excited la…… he said BUT BUT BUT…if the fits come back we have to migrate him back to the diet once again! Quite scarry hor. AIYOH!!!! He will still need to keep taking his AED which is Epilim. Perhaps later we can look into weaning him off drugs too.

So everyone please pray along that as we embark on this JOURNEY it will be a smooth landing ya. We have been told to begin this excercise in Oct.  We got to do it SLOWLY! Don’t be too kan cheong! It has to be done in an orderly fashion. We can’t like YAY!!! Let’s go buy him ice cream!! Big NO!! As we said earlier it will take a few months lor.

We have to monitor him very very closely. OBSERVE him….so please help us look out &  if you do see anything that is questionable ya. TELL US–please. Thanks 🙂  In any case we’re praying & trusting God that it will all work out well.

Hallelujah! God is faithful! We will keep everyone posted on the progress

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Richard & Mei says:

Amen & Amen !! Praise God for everything. In every season, He will carry you thru.

We are very proud & happy for you guys. Your trust & faith in God has given us a greater challenge in life and also a testimonial to share with others about the love of God.

Yes, we will continue to pray for miracles healing upon Nathanael.

God bless.

Jessie Chew says:

Hi Daren & Tiff,
I rejoice with both of you over what God is doing
in Nathanael’s life.
This is an encouragement to those of us who have been waiting for prayers to be answered;
the only way to move forward is to keep on praying to our Faithful & Miraculous God.
When man sees no way God has a way.

Ps Yim Lan says:

Hallelujah! Will continue to pray for Nathanael!

dot says:


Janny says:

Praise God! He is alive today & miracles still & do happen…will uphold little Nate in prayers.

Children are a blessing from our Father in Heaven. Sometimes, we go thru trial but its already victory in Christ….yes, we need to have faith & claim the victory and blessing, all glory to the Father!


May Yap says:

Wow, PTL…. Jesus will guard His children… In His arms He carries them all day long.. Praise Him! Praise Him! Praise Him!

Am so happy of this great news. Your family is truly blessed & highly favoured.

Really thank God for His wonderful love… indeed He is our blessed Redeemer!

Thank you for keeping us abreast of his progress, Daren & Tiff!

God bless & hugs

Hock Fee says:

Hi Daren and Tiff

I am indeed overjoyed with this news. I could actually see significant improvements in Nataniel over the past one year.

He has become more alert and he throws his head back a lot less. Jeremy’s condition has taught us notice these things. Great work.

Keep it up as God has a mission for both of you.

Uncle Lee Beng says:

Little Nate! The heavens resound your name because it is echoed by the cries of intercession for your healing. No eys has seen nor ear heard, in fact I can’t imagine what God has in store for you.

And how great is your testimony, each milestone begins a new verse in your life’s song. But what so beautiful about it is, each one SHOUTS, HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!

We love you.
Thank you for enlarging our hearts, you’ve shown us what little boys are made of. I love your spirit!

Su-Lyn says:

That’s excellent!!! 😀 Really happy for you. Wll continue praying.

Ps Kuan Ming says:

So glad to hear the progress Nathanael has taken. Will continue to pray until the victory is won for the glory of the LORD.

With our God “all things” are possible.

Ps Koon Seng says:

HI Daren & Tiff

Praise Him for progressive healing upon Nathanael.

Patient faith & obedience works wonders. Continue to praise the Lord!


Ps Stanley says:

Hi Daren & Tiff

Great is the faithfulness of the Lord! In God’s time, He is making all things beautiful.

Praise God for both of your patience and endurance. The Lord knows your strength and will come quickly to lift you up whenever needed. Praise the Lord! Keep trusting the Lord!

ng yi-mi says:

thank god for nate that he doesn’t need to continue taking the ketogenic diet already. Praise god 4 u and tiff

Daniel Liew says:

Nate’s testimony has definitely strengthened my faith in miracles!!

Will keep praying!

Wye Yee says:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Ehehehee… I can’t wait to see Nathanael again! heheheee

nicktay says:

Praise God!! Thats Great news daren 🙂