Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

EEG Results are OUT!


This is really quite impressive! The results came out in less than a week! Amazing. I received a call this morning at about 9.30am from HUKM Dianostics department and they said Nathanael’s report is ready for collection! We are so impressed by the promptness of the process.

So Off I went to collect the results and this is what it says:-

The Recording started with drowsy state with symmtrical theta waves 6cs which quickly entered into sleep stage II with sleep spindles & vertex sharps. Frequent burst of synchronous monomorphic large amplitude single spike slow wave seen over bioccipital lobe (with amplitude O1>O2) and occasional radiation to T5. Occasional delta slowing noted over left occipital lobe. Less frequently, independent monomorphic synchrnous moderate aplitude spike slow waves (O2>O1) with field to T6,P4. All epileptiform discharges seen during drowsy and became more frequent in sleep stage II and less prominent in awake. PS didn’s evoke any response. There was a brief awake recording at the end with symmetrical alpha waves 9 cps and good AP waves progression. No hypsarrhythmias seen.

Observations :- Abnormal EEG in sleep with bifrontal seizure focus. Suggest to repeat MRI Brain.

Can anyone make sense of all these?

Since we ain’t no doctor, we’ll be seing Dr Choy this Wednesday to get his help to intepret the test results. As mentioned earlier we are really depending on these results to help gauge if we can wean Nathanael off his Ketogenic Diet.

So please continue to pray along!

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