Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Nathanael Playing Outdoors at Bridges School

Outdoor ActivitiesWe have seen great improvement in Nathanael’s motor skills over the past few weeks.

We are really glad to see Nathaanel participating with the Outdoor Activities organized at Bridges EIP School.

Last Tuesday .. all the kids got to go out of the classroom to the field & basketball court area of the school .

There was food, picnic, more food, games, even more food, activities, and more food! We’re Malaysians … no Food no Play! 🙂

Watch the Video as Nathanael plays with the Kids and the other organized activities. At certain times when Nathanael is naughty, teacher Dolly (in yellow) will step in to take over. Nathanael really listens to Teacher Dolly …. she doesn’t seem to get bullied, not like how dad & mom gets bullied by Nathanael 🙂 hehe

Watch the video below, or click here





Enjoy the photos taken together with all the kids at Bridges!!








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