Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Whacking On the Drums

Crash The Cymbals!

Duuf! Dish! Duuf! Duuf! Dish!!

Nathanael is banging away on his drum set!

He really likes to hit the toms on the drums, and clanging cymbal as well! Ka-Bish!

Watch the video as you see him using his hands to play the drums, and kicking the bass drum. Suprisingly when you give him the drumsticks, he will just throw them on the floor! 🙂

Watch the video below, or click here to PLAY.

See how he bangs away on the drums … and see how happy he is when playing the drums. 🙂









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daren says:

Hey we should get them both to do a Drus Duet:) Nathanael & Nicole … Double “Ns”” 🙂 hehe

Yups especially when he goes on a frenzy with the cymbals, and he will crash the cymbal continously 🙂

It was a gift from Ben .. .:)

nicktay says:

Cool..So you did get him a drum set after all 🙂

benben says:

was just wondering, ur house must be very noisy then huh… 😛

TrinitIVY says:

the drums look exactly like the one my niece Nicole has in Singapore….. 🙂

daren says:

tks Ben for the gift, and i am sure you are glad to see Nathanael making full use of it 🙂

We are really delighted that he’s using both his hands to hit!! I guess the next step is to teach him to hold on to the sticks and to hit with them.

benben says:

ayooo…. glad to see him use BOTH hands to play 😛

benben says:

Wow glad he likes the drums 😛 Funny how he doesn’t like the durm sticks though… Good to see him use his hands and legs 🙂