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Biggest Petrol Jam EVER!!

Petrol Jam at PetronasAs soon as the online news portal announced that the price of Petrol in Malaysia was gonna be raised to RM2.70 per litre at midnight, there were tons of sms & emails sent out to warn people and to tell people to pump your car FULL by today, before Cinderella goes home at midnight!!

It was CRAZY!!

Let me repeat it …. CRAZY!!!!!

When i reached the Sunway Damansara / Kota Damansara area this evening at 7ish, i saw that the Shell Petrol station (just before Palm Springs)  was jam packed with cars. The cars were lining up at least 250 metres even before reaching the station!!

Looking at the craziness, i decided that i will be the smarter one that will have a nice dinner, watch a tv show, then come out later at 10pm to pump … and guess what? I was wrong!

When i left the house at 10pm, i drove inside towards Kota Damansara, thinking that most city folks will pump at the Petrol Station closer to their highway exits!!

Sigh .. i think whilst half of KL & PJ cars were pumping at the main big petrol stations, the other half had the same idea with me. I passed 4 Petrol Stations.

Two of them Petronas and two of them Shell … all had easily 50 – 80 cars waiting to get into pump! Yes those cars were the ones outside … and not counting the cars that were already inside pumping. Pumping Petrol

It was an absolute MAYHEM of Craziness … .everyone just wanted their share of the last drop of cheap petrol before it went up.

Speaking about Craziness, i witness two very interesting views of Kiasu-ism this evening, when i managed to pump my car at a nearby Petronas.

Two cars in front of (picture) a guy after pumping petrol in his car, he pulled out a BLACK 2 Feet Tall container, and started filling it with pterol. His son was standing in front of the container, so the picture of the container is slightly hidden!

Then a second car that was pumping petrol did another kiasu thing. He was driving one of those mini-van with at least 5 people on board. After filling up for a bit, he stood at the side of the car, lifted his hands to the roof of the car, and started SHAKING THE CAR vigorously. It was obvious that the shaking of the car was not to give a thrill to the passengers in the car, but rather to ensure that the petrol fills up every square inch of the petrol tank!! AIYOHNYA!!!!

This is the first time seeing so so so so so so many cars responding to the hike in petrol price by fueling up before the increase, i remember the previous hike wasn’t this devastating!! I guess this time round the news was official, and not a speculation, which i believe drove more people to pump their petrol, and that the price of petrol is getting more and more expensive.

I think i’ll switch to a motorbike!! 🙂


traffic jam at petrol stations

The queue at the Petronas Pumps. You should have seen

the lines leading into the Petrol Station!! It was crazily LONG!!


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quingubrire says:

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daren says:

Yeah i guess!! Now with the news indicating that even our sundry goods may go up 10% next month ….

I think i will see more people shaking their vigorously to make sure the RM2.70 petrol goes into every inch of their petrol tank!! 🙂

Slightly off topic .. i was cutting my hair yesterday, when the topic changed to … Why don’t you install a NGV Tank in your car? Its only RM3000 to install it, and then its only RM16 for a full tank!! Hmmmmm … people are getting even more creative to beat the petrol price system.

(NGV = Natural Gas Vehicle .. currently used by all Taxis in KL)

K.Lo says:

hahaha amazing!
its like that over here as well, every Tuesday the price goes down; by a few ten cents cause of the weekly cycle or whatever; n then there’s long queues…

shaking of the car bit was funny. lOlz…

tk care!
God bless!

daren says:

Well …i left the house at 10pm .. and when i parked my car i noticed it was 10.55pm!!!

Yes … nearly one whole hour just to get the car filled up. The only UP side about the whole thing was that my car tank was empty! So like that lor!

How about u? Did u pump today?

BrightEyes says:

how long did you wait?