Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Wenzelite Nimbo Junior Posterior Safety Roller

A wenzel what?!

What a mouth full! Yes it’s a name & brand of a walker! We were told to get Nathanael a walker and we were faced with a choice of either getting a Rollator (RM230) or a Wenzelite Nimbo Junior Posterior Safety Roller. We started asking around for advice as to which is the better one to get. We got so many opinions that it became confusing.

Thank God we were able to borrow both. Somehow there was an opportunity we had.  When Nathanael used the rollator he tends to lean & bend forward, however when he uses the Wenzelite walker his posture control is so much better! He actually walks & stand upright. So we consulted with our therapist she also agreed that it was better to get the Wenzelite!

And so we hunted for the best deal took us 3 months….a brand new one can cost something like RM680….thank God we manage to get one at a very very good price….a nice lady sold it off to us. We will have to get it fixed up as certain parts are loose & needs replacement.

YES!! Nathanael loves to walk with it. He just cant wait to get moving!

I Like to move it –move it!

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daren says:

Hi Pui see

I don;t have your email for some strange reason—we’re ready to sell of Nate’s walker. U still want it? Drop us line & give us your email add ya.

andres contreras says:

I would like to know if you have a distributor close to el Paso, Tx. area, because we live in Mexico we want to know some prices for the safety rollers


Pui See says:

That’s great! Can wait, can wait. Tks. Email me Okay!

daren says:

Hi Pui see, sorry for late reply. Been really busy. How sooon do U need the walker? Nate is still using it can at the moment. We dun mind selling it off when he’s done. can wait ah?

Pui See says:

Hi! Tiff, I’m looking for a second hand walker wondering if you’ll be selling Nate’s old second hand walker??