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And the Nissan SLAM into us

Nissan SentraIt all started like any other day, on any other morning, on any other street. Was on my way to work this morning around 7.30am and was almost reaching my place of work.

Travelling on Jalan Tun Razak, was passing the Istana Budaya on my left, then passed the National Library, when all of a sudden the White Nissan Altima stopped in front of me. I slowed down and stop behind him, it was a habit to always look into the rear mirror when there’s a sudden stop.

And i saw this black huge BMW came to a screeching halt behind me. I took a deep breath, will it? Will it hit me? and breathed a sigh of relief, when it halted a few inches behind me.

Then came the Nissan . . .

Yes and as the famous saying goes, the rest is HISTORY!!!

It was a wonderful work of physics, the momentum of the Nissan Sentra was so strong, that it caused the forward two cars to move out of its stationary position.

I could hear the screech of the tires of the Nissan, and i remember that i could not see it thru the rear view mirror, all i could hear was the screehing tires! I was like please … NO!

Then i heard the first crash! where the Nissan Sentra slammed into the black BMW 5 series … and in a matter of seconds the BMW hit my poor Honda City and propelled me forward and it hit the Nissan Altima in front of me.

Yes it was a Nissan Sandwich with a BMW & Honda as garnish!

Thankfully no one was hurt, and the worst looking car in the accident was the Nissan Sentra at the back. His car was totally KOYAK, both his airbags inflated (at least we now know it works!) and it was in a terrible mess.

The BMW actually apart from scracthes, looked like it was not in an accident at all. The Nissan Sentra’s front was low, so it hit under the bumper of the BMW. And the Solid BMW had minor scratches in the front after causing my Honda City’s bumper to dislodge and the boot to never close the same way again!

The front of my Honda City’s bumper was also slightly dislodged and scratched, and the most minimum damage was the Nissan Altima, which most probably had a dented bumper at the back.

SIGH!! Yes … the frustration of going to the Police Station, making the report, getting the insurance process to kick in, waiting for a couple of weeks in order for the car to be repaired! Yes a total hassle.


My poor Honda City, all trashed up in front and back. Sigh!!

So i was forced to take a half day’s leave to go make a police report at the Jalan Bandar Police Station (I actually had no clue where it was, and had to ask my colleagues how to get there). Then it was off to the Honda Workshop in PJ, to get it fixed up.

The irritating thing is that now i have to wait for the KEPUTUSAN (Final) Police Report, and according to the slip of paper that the Police gave me, it may take up to 14 days!! Sigh.

Which means, Honda will not do anything to my car until they get that Keputusan Report … double sigh! Anyone know how to get the Police Report faster than 14 days?

Anyone wanna send me to work for the next couple of weeks ?




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Steve says:

it happens when people don’t indicate…dangerous when switching lanes..hai

K.Lo says:

Aduiz… hope all goes well…

Which road was this?

trinitIVY says:

ha ha since I am so free here… i could do that but then I will have to fly 10,000 miles first…cannot la….he he he

daren says:

Yeah lor… thank GOD no one was hurt in this pile up. Sigh… LRT is not the way to go!

I dont wanna be part of a School of Sardines on weekday mornings!!! U wanna come and drive me to work? 🙂

trinitIVY says:

Glad you are ok….poor Honda City…but most important that you are ok….if no available drivers….take the LRT 🙂