Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Dinner with The Andrews

Dinner with the AndrewsWe had a great time last Sunday with our cousins.  Went to their house for some yummy curry chicken!

Nathanael & Zoe Joy had lots of fun! Both Elliot & Earol were entertaining both of the kids!

The amazing surprise came towards the end of dinner. While we were chomping down on the fruits that Evelyn had made, suddenly they gave us a card, which was attentioned to Nathanael Lee.

We were like, what’s that?

All suspicious, we carefully picked up the envelope and looked at it from all angles, with questions in our eyes, what is this?

They asked us all to open it and see what was inside.

Check it out in the photos below!


Photos at The Andrews


They  wrote Nathanael a card

We were really touched by the words that were in the card.




Elliot wrote :

Hope you get good shoes. See you soon with your new shoes. Love Elliot 

Erul wrote :

We are thinking of you and praying hard! Love Erul


** Both Elliot & Erul heard about Nathanael’s new shoes, and on their own accord,

emptied out some money from their piggy bank, and generously shared that amount with

Nathanael for the cost of his expensive SHOES!

Wah liau, we can cry lah, Their amazing, generous unselfish act and loving hearts were

just so incredible. Thank you so much for blessing Nathanael!!

And Ku Po, Auntie E & Uncle E also contributed too and blest Nathanael !!



Erul, Elliot, Nathanael & Zoe Joy posing for in the pic! 🙂 



Uncle E and Nathanael …. 🙂



 Thank you once again for everything! May God bless U all!:)

We’re indeed blessed by your giving.






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daren says:

🙂 hahaha … Uncle Ben!! Nice ring to it! 🙂 Don’t worry i am always in denial … there’s nothing wrong looking as young as 21 each year .. haha!

As for what will Nathanael thinks? I believe all he can say is “PRAISE GOD!!” This is like an online journal of his overall road to recovery!

benben says:

Aww that’s so so sweet of them. Do keep the card for Nate, let him read it when he grows up… also, i wonder what will he think of this web site when he grows up… by then ill b so so old d… my kids will most prob be calling Nate n Zoe uncle n auntie… 1 of the kid in school called me UNCLE today… i didnt know how to react 😛 im not that old…