Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Zoe Joy’s Milestone on Feeding Herself

DSC05284This is a NEW MILESTONE for Zoe Joy Lee.

We managed to catch a few pictures and a VIDEO of her feeding herself. We gave her some rice on her red plate.

She was initially playing on the floor, and when we gave some yummy rice, watch the video as she picks it up and stuff it into her mouth! 🙂

She was really enjoying the food. 🙂

We are really happy to see Zoe Joy at 14 months achieving so many milestones. Oh yes.. we need to take pictures of her teeth which are just sprouting out from her gums.

See the pics and video below!!:)

Zoe Joy Trivia :

Q: How do you make Zoe Joy your best friend?

A: Feed her food!! 🙂 Any food! 🙂


Zoe Joy’s New Milestone

Feeding Herself




Zoe Joy is picking up rice from her plate.



And stuffing it into her mouth! 🙂

YES … she abosolutely LOVES it!


DSC05286 DSC05289

Bonus PIctures! 🙂

Ko Kor was just looking on, as Zoe feeds herself.

Nathanael & Zoe Joy went shopping at Tesco! We are glad

that the Cart is HUGE, cos we can place both of them in it! 🙂



Watch the Video of Zoe Joy as she feeds herself. Click on the video below or here




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