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Therapeutic Listening for Nathanael

We are exploring a new therapy for Nathanael called Therapeutic Listening. It was recommended by Ms Teo during his last occupational therapy. What is Therapeutic Listening? + If you are travelling to USA this or next week … please drop us a note, we need your help. (read below for more info)

Here’s some info from Vital Links‘ website on Therapeutic Listening:

Therapeutic Listening® is an evidence-backed protocol that combines a sound-based intervention with sensory integrative activities to create a comprehensive program that is effective for diverse populations with sensory challenges. Therapeutic Listening can impact sensory modulation, attention, behavior, postural organization, and speech and language difficulties. Trained therapists learn to use modulated CDs to set up programs for clients in homes, schools and clinics. Listening is a function of the entire brain; when we listen, we listen with the whole body.

With Therapeutic Listening, it will actually help Nathanael in his development, it will be an aid to help him in his development. One of the “accessory” that we are required to get is a high-tech headphones, recommended model for the therapy is  Sennheiser HD500A!

Sennheiser hd500a Headphones

This is the Sennheiser HD500A 

Specs : here

We found a website that offers to sell this for about USD140. We were trying to save some postage money and see if there’s any friend travelling to USA soon?

If you are going to USA… pls drop us a note. We can buy the Sennheiser online and then get it to be mailed to you in your US address, and then you help us bring it back to Malaysia lor. 🙂

We may need to get some Therapeutic Listening CDs as well. But we are still exploring on where to get it for the best price.

So if u are going off to USA  … drop us a comment or email ya!




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Joshua Chee says:

Do u have info of other Therapeutic Listening program? I’m staying in Kajang, somewhere near would be convenient. Yeah, my son has GDD. Tks for your info. It is really helpful.

tiff says:

We got to Ms Teo Li Fun in SS2. There are some oter thepeutic listening programs too. Your son needs it? Apparently any child would benefit from it.

Joshua Chee says:

Where do you go for the therapy? Wondering if my son would benefit from it.

daren says:

Hey Joshua

Yups its a normal headphone jack, and can be used in any CD Player, iPod, Stereo set that u have.

One of the requirement is that your player have the ability to control L/R Balance, Treble & Bass.

We’ve not purchased the CDs yet, but we are starting Nathanael on normal kids songs and classical songs, cos we want him to get use to the Headphones.

Our therapist told us that he must be used to wearing the headphones, cos the therapy can last up to 20 minutes at a time.

Let us know if we can help.

Joshua Chee says:

Did u get any Therapeutic Listening CDs?

Joshua Chee says:

Can this headphone be plug into any normal audio player?