Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2008

Its Zoe Joy’s first Chinese New Year celebration (sort of, cos she was borned during the 14-days celebration of CNY last year), so technically its her first! 🙂 And this is Nathanael’s 4th CNY celebration together with the family!

This is the best time to come together as a family and to EAT! Yups its eating all the way, and more and more eating, and more eating! 🙂 Eating with the family, eating with the cousins, eating with the uncles and aunties. Just loads and loads of eating! 🙂

Here are some pictures we caught during this Festive Season. Enjoy them!!

Nathanael & Zoe Joy’s CNY 2008

DSC03891 DSC03892

Nathanael & Zoe Joy in their CNY baju.

See how cute they are!! 🙂

DSC03901 DSC03906

I wonder who taught them how to pose!!! They really pose each time the

Camera is pointed at them! 🙂 hehe

CNY EVE at Daddie’s & Mommie’s CNY Reunion Dinner

Yee Sang

How can CNY be without a Yee Sang!


Nathanael and Uncle Robert

There was this amazing bonding on the eve of CNY

where Nathanael wanted Uncle Robert to carry him.

Many commented Uncle Robert look like Grandpa. 🙂


Zoe Joy mixing with the older cuzs, Andrew & Sarah!


Grab a photo together with Aunty Mag and Lorraine.


Nathanael & Zoe Joy with cousins, See Yen, Wei Yen & Daniel

DSC03888 DSC03877

Zoe Joy was blest with a CNY cap

and looked so cute with 3Ku Por and 2 Ku Por


And of course with 6ku por as well!!

CNY DAY celebrating CNY with Daddie & Mommie’s Uncs & Aunts


Yea!!! My first Ang Pow from Ma Ma


Zoe Joy with Auntie Linda

DSC03913 DSC03920

Zoe Joy with Auntie Mag & Lorraine

Zoe Joy with Lorraine & Sarah 🙂 Girls Power!!


Zoe Joy and mommie! 🙂


Group Photo with the Lee Family 🙂


Zoe Joy with Great Grandma Tai Por


CNY celebrate with Kong Kong and Por Por


Yay!!! My Angpow from Grandma Por Por


Nathanael & Zoe Joy with Uncle Douglas & Auntie Lye Peng

DSC03973 DSC03977

Zoe Joy with Cousin Eunice & Abang Ben!!


Nathanael & Zoe Joy with Kong Kong

DSC04000 DSC03996

Nathanael with Mommie! 🙂

Wishing ALL of you a very HAPPY Chinese New Year!

May God fill all of you with Great Blessings in 2008!

Lots of love

Daren Tiff Nathanael & Zoe Joy

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Theresa says:

Hahaha. little zoe joy is so cute with her posing. She is adorable beside her koko is so handsome.

Anonymous says:

i so miss you guys…………………………….. =)