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Nathanael on the Swing

Nathanael is slowly getting better, thank you for your prayers. His appetite for food is still not good, as in he doesn’t want to eat his bread and rice, so he’s still on his RCF milk, which the doctor have asked us to increase the dosage twice to ensure that there’s enough nutrients getting into Nathanael.

On the fourth day of his Stomach Flu, he recovered somewhat a bit, and we brought him down to our Condo’s playground … so that he could get some fresh air and also some simulation with the playground equipment.

Pity that it rain in the early morning, so the only thing i could dry was the swing ….. and here is Nathanael on the SWING. 🙂


Nathanael on the Swing.

As u can see he’s not totally well .. and he’s not really smiling!

IMG_3488 IMG_3515

See his sad face …. don’t put me on the swing!!

And u can see both his hands gripping tightly to the Yellow Chain.


We have a nice playground at our Condo … 🙂

Check out the Video of Nathanael on the Swing

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