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Nathanael using Hands to Play with Cable

This is new milestone for Nathanael. Tiff managed to catch the entire epsiode on video.

Nathanael was sitting next to our coffee table and he picked up a cable (reading light cable), which happened to be lying next to the cable. Nathanael has recently learnt to pick things up (ie our handphones, things he likes).

So we were very happy when he picked up the white cable (which was about 2cm wide). And not only did he pick up the cable, he began to play with it, swinging it back and forth … and totally enjoying himself!!

That’s a great milestone, cos he’s learning to pick up objects and to play with them.

Watch it all on this 90 seconds video.

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benben says:

MAN!!! For the whole 2 months or so teaching Nate, he NEVER did pick up and play with something like that. So for was only Tiff’s W800i and my walkie talkies(rather heavy though). Am really surprised that he did swing the cable ;’) It may be something simple and taken for granted by many (including me), but hey, it is a great achievement for Nate. Do post updates here yeah. Appreaciate the updates on Nate ;’)