Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Nathanael attended FGA’s "Move Along With Your Music"

Yesterday was my first time bringing Nathanael to FGA’s (Full Gospel Assembly) Support Group for Parents with Children with Special Needs.

All the parents have a similiar needs as their children have special requirements. Noticed that most of the children in yesterday’s group were much older than Nathanael.

We had a very “entertaining” and educating (for me) time with Victor Tan. He’s a lecturer at SEGI College in Early Childhood Development through music and he also helps out at the Spastic Centre each week. He really has a heart for children.

And it was good to learn to see how music and movement and ryhtym all plays a part in helping your child to improve and develop.

Victor was sharing on how he started developing ryhtym for his daughter that whilst she was still an infant, he would sing songs .. (ie Twinkle Twinkle , Jesus Love Me … ) and taps the 4/4 ryhtym on his daughter. And in a couple of months, he used his other finger to tap the first beat of each count, to symbolize the start of the music count! 🙂 pretty cool! [gonna do that with Zoe Joy too … :)]

After the session I met up with another parent who also had a child who had delay in his fine motor skills. Interestingly (since i like Blogs & Website), she quit her job to take care of her son and started an online business. Its called Fabulous Mom, so for all those expecting and nursing moms, you can find interesting stuff there for you – check it out Fabulous Mom.

Most interestingly enough, one of the key contact for the FGA Support Group is Sze or Wai Sze (pronounced “wiser”). We actually know her way back, when Kevin introduced her to us (can’t remember how? But I just remember it was thru Kevin). Anyway .. it was good catching up with her again. 🙂

So FGA does this monthly and in April they will be having a good speaker Ms Yammy Ang (chairperson of Wings Melaka Early Interevention Centre ) and she herself have a special needs teenager who will be speaking on the topic of “Top 8 Ways to Improve Your Special Needs Child’s Behaviour

For more info on it, click on the Link Below

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