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Nathanael’s Fits Diary – September Update

Here are some updates to Nathanael’s seizures / fits. We have just added the September & October graphs below (its also updated in the main Fits Diary page)

We are glad to share with all of you that Nathanael’s seizures or fits have decreased.

The Ketogenic Diet has helped tremendously in the decrease of Nathanael’s seizures. But please bear in mind that these seizures are what we describe as physical manifestations. Those that we see or notice and that we count and track in his Fits Diary. But there are seizures which can be happening in the brain that do not result in a physical manifestation. And these can only be tracked by using an EEG (ElectroEncephaloGram).

We must also bring to your attention, that despite the reduce of Nathanael’s seizures. We noticed that his facial twitching (which we believe is a manifestation of a seizure too) has not reduced. These facial twitching normally come about when he wakes from a sleep. But nowadays we see it happening through out the day at random.

So as the graphs below indicates a drop in his typical manifestation of seizures, we urge you to continue to pray along with us that all forms of Seizures must stop; including the Facial Twitching and those that occur in the brain. We are seeing positive signs of improvements and we ask that you keep praying along with Nathanael that he would be totally Seizure Free!

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Angela says:

Wah…. praise the Lord! Nathanael looks a picture of healthy and a handsome boy!

Penguin Boy says:

Hi! Daren,

Our thought are with you and your family 🙂

Ps Gurmit says:

Hi Daren

Praise the Lord, for the good report. We will cont. to prayer until there is no more seizures, just for asking how come Ketogenic

Diet was not carry out early?
Ps Gurmit

Ps Kuan Ming says:

So glad to hear the improvement in Nathanael!

It really shows our God is faithful. Praying on with you for his complete healing and restoration.

Ps Kuan Ming