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Nathanael’s Day 9 in Hospital Kuala Lumpur [The Last Day in HKL]

YAY!! This is the last nite picture taken at HKL. Here’s Nathanael drinking his RCF Milk. Yum Yum.
[One Can of *RCF Milk can only be portioned out to 4 drinking periods and it must be consumed within 24 hours of opening the can!!]

So Nathanael was discharge from Hospital Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday, 26 September after completing 9 Days in HKL.

We completed our “session” with Pn Mariam our Dietian. She carefully explained to us his Menu Meal Plans and how we can prepare the food and how to substitute the foods (so many types of Food .. based on an exhaustive list …called the Food Exchange). We have to watch out for the Protein Levels, the Carbohyrdate Levels. For Example : If we wanna give Nathanael a slice of Papaya, then we would have to cut his rice for Lunch & Dinner. Cos one slice of Papaya = 4 Tablespoon of Rice – in terms of Carbohydrate levels!

So we will have to follow the menu stringently to ensure that Nathanael gets his correct content of Water, Fats, Carbo, Protein on a daily basis. So pray along with us … esp for Tiff & her mom … since i will be back to work tomorrow. Pray that she will be able to cope with this new menu and to diligently prepare it for Nathanael.

*RCF Milk is a product of Abbot Lab.
Details are here.

– The only commercial formula available for seizure management in infants.
– Carbohydrate-free to allow physician to prescribe type and amount of carbohydrate (that can be tolerated) with the assurance that other nutrient needs will be met.
– Soy protein isolate to avoid symptoms of cow’s-milk-protein allergy or sensitivity.

Finally many many thanks to the Doctors and Nurses that took care of Nathanael in the Ward KK5 – Pediatric Institute of Hospital Kuala Lumpur.
Thanks Dr Choy Yew Sing, Dr Rosalyn, Dr Bursha, Pn Mariam and all the nurses of the Ward.

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