Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Nathanael’s Day 8 in Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Nathanael probably will be discharged by tomorrow (Tuesday). YAY!!!!

As everyone might think will be our reaction………

BUT! !!!!!

Quite the scarry!!

The stress begins for us…..aiyoh! !!

We gotta cook & prepare his Ketogenic Meal. No experience no nothing….. …how leh??

Please please pray for us ya……. in the hospital we just need to feed him and no need to worry about preparation of his food….. but but……from Tuesday evening onwards will be a testing 1,2,3 for us.

hehahahhaa……….. pls pray for wisdom ya.

Some more the meal must be accurate one wor.

We have a Electronic Digital scale……. which increases by 1g….actually suppose to use the 0.1g one la…..aiyoh but the price difference.. ….abit high and Dr Choy did say about RM1,000++ .. …… at first he insisted tt I get the 0.1g scale……. WALAU!!! but…….. thank God he finally agreed and said ok-la go for the 1g one la.

So like this lor,….anyway, we wanna thank each of U for supporting,visiting and praying for us during the past 8 days. It has been a wonderful learning experience.. …all we can say is that GOD IS GOOD!!!

We’ll share more with U when we see or speak with U one of these days.

Have a great week all of U!
God Bless
Daren & TIff

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dareNtiff says:

Hey Rachael …
Is that you Rachael Tan of Brunei!

Yes its amazing that u found our blog when searching for a Hillsong song!!

But glad you found our Family Blog. Keep praying with us!

Take care and update us from time to time!

daren & tiff

Rachael says:

Hey Daren and Tiff..

Amazing as of how the www can connect all of us. Was googling for lyrics of “At the cross” and found your wordpress blog.

Will keep the whole family in my prayers.. Miss you guys lots. A late congratulations for baby#2 and of course a loud Happy Birthday shout out to Nat all the way from the other side of the South China Sea.


Winie Pang says:

Happy Birthday to Nat!!

Although unable to visit you but lucky daddy manage to post everything in the blog so we feel like we are with you all the time! Hehe..

Its a joy to just read and follow your everyday progress to remind us how good God is.

Daren n Tiff, been keeping you + family in prayers. Thanks for keeping us posted.