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Nathanael Turns TWO today & Day 5 in Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Nathanael turns two years old today on 22 September 2006.

Today is also Nathanael’s fifth day in Hospital Kuala Lumpur for his Ketogenic Diet.

So instead of eating Cakes and Yummy Food during his birthday, this time he will have to sacrifice and eat one of the Ketogenic Diet Meal Plans set for him.

Nate: U didnt wish me ler? Leave a comment lor

We decorated the Ward a bit with balloons just to liven things up and to give everyone a cherry mood. Tks to mom-in-law who bought the ballons, party hat (on Nathanael in the pic above) and party stuff.

Nate : Err .. how come we didnt invite the A&W Bear?

This is Mah Mah (Grandma) showing love to Nathanael on his birthday. Nathanael got a cute little teddy bear and lots of love.

Nate: Tks Yeh Yeh & Mah Mah I love you too .. so much!

Kung Kung (Grandpa) holding Nathanael. Nathanael has this great ability to recognize when his grandparents carry him, cos he just simply manja (can’t find an english word for manja) them so much. Lots of LOVE here! 🙂

Nate: Tks Kung Kung & Popo .. I love you too so much

Uncle Sean came and visit on behalf of the Chan family (Karen & Caitlin). He was amazing cos he even brought breakfast for daddy & mommie in the morning, and stayed long enuf to blow up the balloons as well.

Nate: Tks Uncle Sean! U are the almighty! Love u all too!

Posing with love from the Chuang family. Emily, Ben & Eunice (and Uncle Alvin) showing their love to Nathanael. They were the first to wish Nathanael, as they came a day earlier as they were busy on Sunday.

Nate: Thank U so much for the cake and the card (the green card on top of the post). Love u all so much too. We must go swimming again soon ya.

2 Ku (2nd Aunty) & 5 Ku (5th Aunty) came to visit Nathanael too and gave lots of love to Nathanael in the hospital.

Nate: Thanks so much to all the Kus – Kus (Aunties) for your love and prayers each day.

Then we have Ku Mah (eldest aunty), Edwin & Evelyn or fondly Han Cher came to show their love and brought extra baloons and even a Yummy Cake!

Nate: Thank u for the cake!! It was great. Tks for your prayers and love. Love u all too so much

MMS came in from Renee to Nathanael:
Dear Nathanael
Yahoo! You are Two!
hehe. Here’s wishing u a very Happy Birthday.
Continue 2b strong in the Lord n I know He’ll see u thru.
Pls take care n cheer up. Give u a kiss later ok?
Loves Renee
Nate: Err… I’m in Love? Loves u to babe!

god-bro – Wesley Pu came and check me out too. He brought his rev dad and mom and he prayed the sweetest prayer for me. U must click on the video below to watch it.

Nate: Tks wes. I will get better and will play with you real soon!

Video of Wesley Pu praying for Nathanael in HKL.
This is so so cute. U must watch it and agree with him when he
asks “the fits to GO!”, watch it below.

Watch the Video Below or Click Here

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