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Nathanael’s Day 3 in Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Its Day 3 already in HKL.

Here are three photos and a short summary of what happened today in HKL.

Check out the bruises on his toes. This is how the nurses

check on Nathanael’s sugar level. They would poke one of the toes till it bleeds. Then put the blood onto a machine to determine the sugar level content in the blood. If it goes below 2, then its a big concern.

Last nite, twice his sugar level went below 2. Nathanael was basically on a Water Fast for the entire day of Day2. And that would be the cause of his low sugar level.

The doctor then gave him RCF Milk (Its a fat based, low carbo milk for Ketogenic patients) and after the second low reading, topped it up with Dextrose (which is a sugar content.) Later this early morning about 5ish-am, his sugar level was above 3. So that’s good news lor.

Nathanael was on the drip today, you can see the tube from his right arm. It goes to a bottle that’s feeding him sugar straight into his blood stream, to ensure that his sugar level does not go down below two again.

Yay! Good news, Doc said that Nathanael can start on the Ketogenic Diet. So as u can see from this pic, Nathanal is feeding on Eggs & Margarine. (Yups Margarine is the fat based that’s needed to keep the ratio of Fat to Protein 4 : 1), which is to ensure that Ketones are built in the body.

Today after having his RCF milk and the eggs, Nathanael is more alert, back to his usual manja self. Cries when there’ s not enuf Milk, or when insufficient food to eat.

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laundryamah says:

ooo his poor lil toes! i know exactly how that feels… i was testing my blood sugar lever 3 x a day when i was pregnant with kylie & it was painful even for me lor…he’s a strong boy!