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Nathanael’s Day 2 in Hospital Kuala Lumpur [Part2]

Here’s a brief Update on Nathanael during Nathanael’s second evening in HKL

Glucose Level threshold is 2.6–anything lower is like…..sitting at the edge of your seats!
And if it goes down to 2…..wahlau!!

On Tuesday night @

10.15pm his glucose level went down to 1.9
Doc gave instructions to feed him milk and to check glucose (sugar level) in 1 hr

11.30pm – his glucose (sugar level) level went down to 1.6 (aiyoh!) and this had us worried.
Doc was busy in another ward so sent word to feed him another 90cc of milk and repeat a glucose (sugar level) check in 1hr

12.45am – glucose level went up to 1.8 (..but still low below 2)

5.07am– glucose went back up to 2.5 (better but still below 2.6) and he passed urine not sure what was ketones reading.

7.59am– Urine Ketone test registered 2+ (we need to achieve 4+)

Thanks for keeping him in prayers, I know U all are praying along with us. THANKS THANKS!!!! Cant express our gratitude!Gtg to hospital now. Update U guys later.

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