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Nathanael’s Day 2 in Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Well this continues from yesterday end of Day 1 and the first half of Day 2.

Whilst Nathanael was fasting from food, the nurses kept taking reading on his blood sugar level, to ensure that it doesn’t come down too much.

Late night, yesterday, the nurses alerted the MO (Medical Officer) that his blood sugar was down to 2.3. They were a bit concerned, so the MO did the most practical thing, gave Nathanael some Dextrose (sugar substance) to bring up the sugar level.

Well this morning during our consultation with his Doctor, Dr Choy, he felt that Dextrose should not been administered, cos that would upset the balance of sugar and carbo and protein in Nathanael. Anyway, this resulted in Nathanael having to fast one more day today.

So he’s on just water today, and will only start on the Ketogenic Diet tomorrow.

Thankfully, with just surviving on water only, Nathanael is still responding well (see the video below) and still pretty active most of the time.

So as u all know, Nathanael loves sweet things, food, yummy food off the table and not ordinary plain water. Here is a photo of how we are feeding him water. Cos when we put the the water bottle in his mouth, he refuses to take in the water.

So we have to resort to this …..
Using a syringe to transfer water from the bottle into his mouth! 🙂 hehe I guess we have to be innovative in how to ensure that Nathanael gets enough fluid in his body each day!
[Tried to upload the photo into the blog. . but dunno why tak jadi… so u imagine la!]

And here’s a short video of Nathanael, depicting how excited and happy he is today.

* A point to note.
If our hands were in splint or bound up like Nathanael, we would not be moving it around so much … like Nathanael. I mean, he’s like clapping away, swinging the right arm, as if the right hand was not bound up. So the point is, as adults, with “knowledge” …. oh no our hands are bound up and there’s a needle stuck in it …. we will not move the hand in fear of causing pain to it. But for Nathanael without the “Knowledge of that” …. still wave and clap his hands. So i guess somtimes knowing too much may just cause us to be fearful or overly careful, when there’s no reason for it …. hmmm…. food for thought! 🙂

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Anonymous says:

Love you, Nate! – Cousin Elijah and Noah

Deepak Gopi says:

May God the Alimighty shower all his blessings upon your child and make the child’s life a blessed and great one