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Nathanael’s Day 1 in Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Today is the First Day for Nathanael in Hospital Kuala Lumpur (most of us know it as General Hospital Kuala Lumpur, but their real name is HKL).

We arrived at the Pediatric Section at 9.45am.

This is the Wad KK5. And KK aint Kota Kinabalu. Its most probably Kanak Kanak 5.

This will be Nathanael’s crib for the next two weeks. The nurses are nice, the “crib” real crib is quite big … so he can roll around quite a bit.

And you will see from the pics that he does get around on the bed.

This is Nathanael in his CRIB of Ward KK5. The doctor took some blood from him. And she said, Nathanael is a nice name. And she gave us the Christian meaning of his name.

We of coursed asked .. are u a Christian, and she said yes! 🙂 God sent us his saints!

We prayed.. cos from history, its quite hard to get blood from his hand, and she did it with only one try! God is on our side! 🙂

Doctor left the needle in the hand, so as to facilitate the input of Glucouse in the event Nathanael needs it.

Amazing, Nathanael only whimpered, when she poked the needle in, and even when the blood starting coming out, which doc took for tests.
God is our God of Peace!

Kung Kung came over during lunch time and you should see how Nathanael manja his grandparents! Really one.. he very the naughty one.

Thanks to Kung Kung and for bringing yummy lunch! 🙂

– i tried the hospital food too .. edible lah!

Mummy and Nathanael singing and having fun in the hospital. Nathanael is sitting on his Bumbo seat (thanks why yee for his present!)

So the Bumbo seat helps Nathanael to sit up and its a great therapy to have that even in the hospital.

Mummy is singing Nathanael’s fav song … Ants in the Apple! 🙂

This is a two fold shot.

When po po came to visit, there is Nathanael going all manja again.

But this shot was taken to show how he “moves around” in the crib, he loves to stick his leg out. And in this shot u can see Nathanael’s legs sticking out of his crib.

They did a glucouse test on his right big toe.

Being the first day (or DAY 0) of the Ketogenic Diet, the hospital will be using Ketostix to measure the amount of Ketones he has before the diet can begin. As soon as his Ketones are above 3, then the Ketogenic Diet kicks in.

The most amazing miracle is that Nathanael’s last meal was at 12midnight last nite! We gave his usual 10oz of milk when he was sleeping. And for those of you who knows how naughty and demanding he has been lately, would know that when he gets hungry … he becomes really angry and kicks and screams and wail for his food.

Today … he has not eaten anything for the whole day except water. And he did not fuss, he didnt scream or cry out for his food! That’s just an amazing miracle on its own!

Please continue to pray along with us, as the Ketogenic Diet starts. We pray that it will help Nathanael, to remove the seizures and to be off all his anti convulsants (drugs / medicine for epilepsy). So keep praying.

We will try and update the BLOG regularly.

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Cynthia says:

Hi Tiffany and Daren

Glad to know the progress with Nathanael is good.
Hope everthing is goin well as planned and keep
us posted on the updates.

Warm regards

Cindy says:

God Bless!

Angela says:

Thanks for the update … the diet sounds very complex to me.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter as long as it works!

Happy to note that little Nathanel is not alone … he’s safe and surrounded by his loved ones.

Take care and God bless!