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Nathanael Lee diagnosed with Infantile Spasm

On the day when Nathanael reached 5 Months and 1 Day Old (23 Feb 2005), he was admitted into the Pantai Medical Centre! After spending a week unde the professional care of his Neuroligist Consultant, Dr Malinee and the awesome Nurses of “5C”, Nathanael is currently diagnosed with what we call “Infantile Spasm”.

Nathanael underwent huge amount of medical tests, from:

Situation now is that we are all waiting for all the test resutls to be back. We know that Nathanael has Infantile Spasm, but we do not know what is causing it. So once all the test results return (may take 2-3 months). Then we can properly diagnose the problem and provide the correct medication and care for Nathanael.

Right now we have to constantly monitor Nathanael’s progress and track and record down if he gets any Spasms. Apart from that we are also giving him two kinds of medication and tons of vitamins to help him thru this stage.

What can we do know now?
We ask that you pray along with us for Nathanael, as we believe that God has a PLAN for his life! We ask that you join us in prayers and ask God for a miracle touch on Nathanael’s life.

As his parents, we’re taking it day at a time. We’re trying to read up, learn up (crash course on all these medical thingy – Tiff is doing a great job researching on-line) and doing our best to provide him the best care and to constantly stimulate him for further milestones development.

So pray with us yah. We’re counting on your prayers to make a difference in Nathanael’s life!






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