Darlene Revealing Jesus

This is an amazing album. I love the contribution from the various worship leaders with Darlene Zschech on this project; namely Israel Houghton & Kari Jobe. The new songs are uplifting, the central theme that I experienced with the songs is OUR VICTORY IN CHRIST because for what Jesus did on the Cross for all of us! You will be blessed with the songs on this album.

One of first song promoted from this album was Victor’s Crown. That’s such a powerful and amazing song on its own. Click here to read more.

I am very happy to announce that they have also provided FREE Chord Charts for us to download, and YES its for all the songs (see links below)

So check out the Tracklist for Revealing Jesus below (Click on the ChordChart to download lyrics & chords and Click on the MP3 to purchase)

  1. God is Here :: Chord Chart :: MP3 :: YouTube Video

  2. Best for me :: Chord Chart :: MP3

  3. All that we are :: Chord Chart :: MP3

  4. In Jesus name :: Chord Chart :: MP3 :: YouTube Video

  5. Your Presence is Heaven :: Chord Chart :: MP3

  6. Victor’s Crown :: Chord Chart :: MP3 :: YouTube Video

  7. Yours Forever :: Chord Chart :: MP3

  8. Magnificent :: Chord Chart :: MP3

  9. My Jesus I Love Thee (I Love You Jesus) :: Chord Chart :: MP3 :: YouTube Video

  10. Your Name (Cry of the Broken) :: Chord Chart :: MP3 :: YouTube Video

  11. I Am Yours :: Chord Chart :: MP3 :: YouTube Video

  12. Jesus at the Center :: Chord Chart :: MP3