Dear Friends

September 16 this year marks the first time that the West and East Malaysia celebrate Malaysia Day together.

In planning for this historic occasion, Canaanland is pleased to announce the launch of ‘Glory To Glory’ album (also simultaneously launched in Indonesia on July 5).

There is something special about singing and worshipping God in Bahasa – our hearts are stirred to love this country and to pray for God to move sovereignly. As such, we are making available (in ZIP format) digital sheets of all the songs in this album for FREE so that believers can learn them in a more effective way.

We believe that these Bahasa songs will be a blessing to the Malaysian Churches hence we are extending a special offer. This offer is only applicable upon the receipt of the completed Order Form before July 23.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further clarification.



Glory to God Track Listing:
1. Opening
2. Tinggi NamaMu DiPuji
3. DenganMu Tuhan
4. Kau Bebaskan
5. Glory To Glory
6. Tiada Ternilai
7. S’lamanya Kau Tuhan
8. SalibMu
9. You Are My Father
10. Be Glorified
11. Kau RajaKu
12. Kan Kami Angkat
13. Bersorak Sorai

Price: RM49.90

True Worshippers is back with new releases that is impacting believers around the world in the last 14 years.  GLORY TO GLORY is True Worshippers’ 12th album.  It was recorded live at Istora Senayan Jakarta on 17 March 2010 and the concert was attended by over 7,000 people.  It features new songs like ‘Salib-Mu’, ‘You Are My Father’ etc.

True Worshippers terus berkarya menciptakan lagu baru dan menjadi berkat bagi kota dan bangsa di dunia.  Secara lebih dari 14 tahun, lagu-lagu True Worshippers dinyanyikan oleh hampir seluruh gereja diseluruh Indonesia seperti: Satu Hal Yang Kurindu, Penyembah Yang Benar, Ku Kan Terbang, Bersyukurlah, Hatiku Percaya, Tetap Setia, Hosanna, dsb.  Tahun ini True Worshippers kembali hadir dengan album live recording terbaru, GLORY TO GLORY. Berisikan hits single seperti “Salib-Mu”, “You Are My Father”, dsb  Album ke-12 yang dilahirkan dari True Worshippers ini direkam di Istora Senayan Jakarta tgl 17 Maret 2010 dan dihadiri oleh lebih dari 7.000 orang. 



eldrid janeke says:

i would love to learn youngster the songs of true worshippers,please sent me the sheet music as well,God bless

jo kuta beach says:

The price is too exspensive than the original cd i bought from pondok pujian!! i can get 2 set frm indo rather than 1 frm msia.

Sharon Tunung says:

True Worshipers Live recording “Glory to Glory”…WOW!!!!!!
Well done to all who worshiped our Great God with such amazing voice that surely “shocked” heaven and earth!!
Praise Him…wow…wow..

Sharon Tunung says:

True Worshipers Live recording “Glory to Glory”…WOW!!!! Well done to all who worship our Great God with your amazing voice that “shock” heaven and earth!! Love Him…wow…wow..

kezia says:

I like true worshiper albums