This song has been in my heart the whole of this week. The lyrics to the song is simply so powerful.

That JESUS Makes All Things New

And I will follow you FORWARD!

And funnily when¬†I was switching CDs in the car, Israel’s Power of One, Ricardo Sanchez CD and Lakewood Hope for Today … and the song was in all the 3 CDs!!

Moving Forward is written by Ricardo Sanchez and its an amazing song!

Its a song of declaration that we are now NEW in Christ and that we are NOT to turn back but instead we are MOVING Forward, moving Ahead to what God has planned for us!

Its a great song to sing over your life and to declare with faith that your past is over and that we will follow HIM Forward!

Watch the Video below, or click here (Video below is without the bridge, but the audio quality is better)


Here’s another Video version by Israel Houghton (full song), watch it below or click here


Worship along with the videos above.

Moving Forward Lyrics


I’m Not going back
I’m Moving ahead
I’m Here to declare to you, my past is over
In You all things are made new
Surrendered my life to Christ 
I’m moving moving forward


What a moment 
You have brought me to 
Such a freedom 
I have found in You
You’re the Healer
That makes all things new
Yeah Yeah Yeah


You have risen 
With all power in Your Hands
You have given me 
A second chance
Hallelujah Hallelujah 
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah


You make all things new
You make all things new
I will follow You forward






nicolas says:

the first video is from the live recording of the moving forward album that took place at free chapel worship center (gainesville, georgia) in january 2007…

the guitarist is indeed nigel hendroff from hillsong… we “borrowed” him for the recording…

hendy says:

i would like the chords for moving forward

daren says:

No-la.. dont think the dude is from Hills.

Cos i’ve never seen Hills do this song. But then again .. i am not monitoring Hills 24/7!! :) hehe

inoku says:

Hey daren,

do you know where the recording of the first video is from ?

the electric guitarist – hillsong guy right ?

just out of curiousity la ~


uncle dub says:

I’m in love with this song too!!!

Anyone know where to find chord charts???

daren says:

you’re welcome.. and as the title of the post said… the song has been speaking to me the whole week! Its such a beautiful song of faith proclaimation!! :)

ch3ryl says:

thanks for sharing … such a moving song.