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Need a sample ketogenic diet?

Question: Need a sample ketogenic diet?

(Posted by: on 2012-01-12 05:18:04)

Including pre, post workout meals.


Posted by: deepbassman on 2012-01-12, 05:27:28

Meal 1: 4 whole eggs (cooked any style) and a serving of sharp cheddar meal 2: protein blend shake (casein/ whey/ etc..) and 2 Tbsp. Natural Peanut butter... (screw Skippy!!! jj LT) meal 3: grilled chicken caesar salad without the croutons meal 4: repeat meal 2 (eh, Im at work... and again.. screw Skippy) meal 5 (1 hr before workout): Tuna with mustard (in can) and 1 Tbsp some flax seed oil meal 6 (post workout): shake consisting of 20g chocolate whey protein, 1c Skim milk, 1 Tbsp honey, and 1 Tspn instant coffee meal 7: grilled chicken breast (or salmon steak, hamburger patties.. whatever I have that Im craving) and 1Tbspn Flax Oil


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